Rant of the Day…. 14AUG17 Tip a Cop Tonight at 5!! Why Wait?

Rant of the Day….


Tip a Cop Tonight at 5!! Why Wait?

Being a novice in this political process “Officially” let me demonstrate the depths of which this all started. The actions that predicated it and therefore this growing response from within, some of the methods I have used in my analysis. Finally a little insight or maybe a hint at why Veterans take their LIVES at a rate higher than most, I know that dark path exists as I learned to operate in darkness and become a master of the tasks provided. To me it is simple, I cannot be apologetic in anyway for participating in the Military Industrial Complex, I cannot be shameful for my acts while being used in the Service of Others, I therefore cannot be held accountable for participating in the greatest Military the World has ever seen. We are too good, if that is the economy we are going to jump on board, look out Africa. Conquests are about to resume.

Hint the DPRK is the 4th fiddle in the duo. Middle East has the chosen honey, DPRK is like the fella showing up to the neighborhood three seated swing set after the chosen few had occupied them for the evening and were not in the sharing mood.

it’s ok not to play follow the leader all the time. really it is

Tips a Cop night tonight at Vinny’s Pizza in Sierra Vista. A place where the pie is cut in squares. Pizza-Pizza-Pizza away from the pizza by the gate on fry, I hope and therefore pray. I know a fella just like me an Alpha with daughters a man of respect and dignity. NY pizza sliced in an alternate pattern or fashion is unacceptable socially in the city and by those under its employ, not matter their current or former station. No need to look further than here for the gang sign they are now placing on your uniform and “Branding” “You” with. If this hasn’t been a topic of discussion already within the department then perhaps you are missing the forest along the river and the valleys between the local peaks.

See you there, after I get my tire changed on my front wheel this morning at the BIKE SHOP, after the blow out on the rear tire it is becoming more and more self evident why helmets are becoming recommended, I have replaced the tube it just may be time for a new tire. When the rear failed the Mrs thought I was getting shot at.


Let u review the 90’s absent little oil laden country’s getting pumped for oil, what comes around goes around. DPRK, surrounded by Allies that keep it afloat, a line to cross from agrarian to mechanical is divided by Army’s from the various nations, all with machines and weapons of war that eliminate life in the most efficient manner possible. Then what happened and why? Don’t just ask why as in why, but, more of a too what end……… This will most likely require pen and paper, and an entire lifetime.

I do declare the last time it was priests. But, what do I know? Who accuses the accusers while the play abused while doing the abusing? Not Knowing what you don’t know always bites us in the butt as a society.

Too many coincidences are coming to light with the brightness of the Vegas Skyline

Ever wonder why U-Hual hasn’t been named business of the Year/Decade already with all of its growth?

There endith the rant………

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