Rant of the Day 18AUG17 Anyone know CPR?

Rant of the Day


Anyone know CPR?

It seems odd to me after careful reflection upon the thoughts and words of others occupying various levels of influence in the food chain of life, today I heard something that caused me to research to perhaps see another side, or attempt to understand opinions of others in a way not yet fully understood due to lack of comprehension.  Being one of the oddballs that actually listened to am radio for the exchange of ideas on various subjects I heard “Good Morning Sierra Vista” mentioned this very day.  Which when discussed on an open forum is the use of democracy in action, since a well educated population is the best way to sustain, or even perhaps keep our individual Liberties.

CODE BROWN!! Someone is full of it!!

It is with respect not malice directed to anyone that perhaps we can call a CODE BLUE on the Commerce activity within the boundaries of the Metropolitan Hot Spot that is Sierra Vista, Arizona. To those that do speak the Truth, even if at a whisper, you have been heard. Thanks for reading.

Oddly enough this is not the city’s webpage, it is a .com using its branding, but, at what price?

There endith the rant…….

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