Rant of the Day….. 04NOV17 All Seized up

I was told this week by someone whom I love and has been an inspiration for many of my dreams and deeds that no one cares any more, or ever. But, for sure that no one cares as much as I do in their sphere of influence. The remark was meant to ‘put me in my place’ or to diminish my passion in regards to the Tyranny around all of us. No on cares.

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Rant of the day….. 9JUL17 Red Soundings In the Yellow Submarine, surrounded by Brown Striped Shorts

Grandpa also said that everyone works for someone, no matter what you are doing when working for someone else do you really know where the money is coming from? If not, then how can you know who you are indeed providing your labor, do you? If you do not know who, then how can you know why and so on and so forth. He was stressing to analyze your answers to ensure you do not trap yourself and then lose Value that has been accrued over time. He also said it is ok to not make great deals all the time, though he did make sure that I understood the difference between charity and family dealings. Since if you treat family like charity, they will act like they deserve the charity after awhile. Making the giver outer to be the bad person since one can never give enough to a taker.

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Rant of the Day…….. 2JUL17                       When we all own it……..

A LEGALITY does not make something JUST nor moral, a LEGALITY is a LOOPHOLE for the “Well Versed” of the “Split Tongue” and government. It is a way it can justify its existence, and demonstrate them upon demand, think measures of performance, like in the Blue’s Brothers escape from JUSTICE and LAW AND ORDER.

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