Chapter One Rant of the Day…. 10JUL17 Castles and Dragons oh My

Chapter One


Rant of the Day….




Castles and Dragons oh My


Being borne into the House Of Carlos entitled me to certain privileges under writ of law, Grandpa explained that our folks were like Knights. We Always Told the Truth and Always Acted with Honor and provided Dignity to those who could not for Themselves. Give when you have abundance and never take what is not yours. I would nod my head in agreement that I knew what he meant.


I did but I was already turning into a hoodlum. There were times I do think I scared the shit out of my Dad. Well other than my emergency room trips for pneumonia.


That scared the shit out of everyone.


Well except me of course, I just projectile vomited for hours on end. Other end was dry as far as I could remember. Though there were other times. Could patterns and trends be presented to include all the reasons to act with a vengeance? Perhaps but reasoning will eventually tell you that every decision made no matter how right it is will more than likely be a mistake about something or another. Think it is about the math. Equations vs. Inequalities; how is it that you want your lifestyle? Some are givers others not so much. Two givers is sometimes a lot worse than two takers. Since takers eventually run out of shit to acquire. Sooner or later each well does run dry after all. But not the givers, that flows so well it washes away all the shit most of the time.


So back to this Castle thing. Yes there was a Castle, my Father would walk away like Grandpa was telling bed time fiction story or something. Well you know what Grandpa, I saw Castles in Italy. I did not see the Castle or House of Carlos, but I saw others, even in Germany. Sorry Dad this shit adds up. I can see the divergence for you GI Joe. You lost your Pi. Live can NEVER be measured in a grid square. Only eliminated. Life is round, a cycle everywhere you look if you can see to the arc, past the line or accepted standard or limit.


Think a seed, dirt, water, care and maintenance provides food through a growing season. Tinkering with cross pollination to create ones own taste that folks find familiar, an amateur horticulturist.


His cycle goes this way. Have good land for growing with good angles of sunlight through the day. Water, retrieve as much rain water as possible, through any measure available, how can it be bad? Its all Natural. I grew up in Northeast Ohio. I was familiar with acid rain by 10 is swear. It was that or that was Chrysler’s original bail out. That paint job did not last two years if my memory serves.  Grow food, eat food, poop out food, bu


Back to the Dragons. Here is the rub, I had just watched Puff the Magic Dragon with my Aunt and Fairy God Mother, so I was unable to picture what he was talking about. Do you think that was by coincidence? Just a thought to a layer, I can see why I do not speak the language of fear. I am either speaking to be heard, or speaking to be Heard, but buy being Heard the inference of HEARD comes across when it shouldn’t. Sorry occupational hangover I guess. Then of all things that jogs this memory is a verbal spar with a preacher about politics. Nephylm he called me, I said thanks for the label but I don’t need any. He referred me to a chapter of the Bible, thought it might create interest, especially since I was Catholic. The rabbit hole opens up in the Good Book cannot be a Bad Thing. TBD on that right there, I just lean back and smile and Watch. Who? Those that watch me of course, state your reason, if not move the puck on.


So Dragons, and Puff. So here is the deal, I really never used cannabis in any form until I was mid forties. By then I had already been on multiple meds for this and that, including at one time opiods in the mail. Note that folks, who is the drug dealer?


Dang, Dragons, how about pissed off Angels roaming the Earth eating folks. Living in caves, sort of like the Vampire Count Dracula. Shit the is starting to draw into a good heavy hand here.


Eating the dudes and putting it to the ladies, tada!! The creation of one decarlosdanger ala Salem’s Lot style. That actually in my military trained mine is more of a probability that the Russians hacking the elections is a possibility.


My deduction is this. All the agencies were directed to provide a top 10 about the DNC not securing its valued information. Guess the value can be seen in the tears shed baring down.


Chapter One


Rant of the Day….




Castles and Dragons oh My


So I have come to the conclusion that Grandpa was correct. I have seen the Castles myself and recently been accused of being a type of decarlosdanger prototype racing Dragon, puff, puff, pass type one ea. My back and shoulders have been aching for years.


But a simple internet search gives ya this:


that and open eyes leave one to reflect and truly contemplate which way is up does it not?


There endith the Rant….


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    1. thank you for the kind words. it makes no difference if anyone goes along with me. i know what i remember and think it should be recorded so that my offspring can read it. I can see the happiness in my Grandpa’s eyes when I close my eyes and think of it.


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