Freedom of the Press, in a Free Market???

Journalism is failing to do its job of informing the Public of what the Government wants to do to us, or is it being sold to us as entertainment right under our noses?

How could one come to this conclusion? Could it be that since they must create ratings to be successful, sensationalism is used to promote sales? Think quickly what can be used to unify people? Is your answer a four-letter word that starts with an “F” and ends in an “EAR”, can you hear it? How is legislation created that curtails or restrains personal liberty? Its that “F” word again isn’t it?

Can the media that you consume, while attempting to educate yourself regarding current events by either reading, listening, or watching the news be biased not just in the political sense, but more importantly be biased to either encourage fear, instill rage, or numb the soul to all the evil in the world?  That is what it really comes down to does it not, good and evil? Good people have been at war with evil since the prehistoric ages, or whenever it was decided that killing, raping, maiming, or eating someone was considered no longer tolerable in human society. Good people have been at war with evil since the first time some one stole a piece of “Private Property” that was obtained through creating value through industrious endeavors no less.

Just like everything in business and government, in order to find the source of the systematic failure (think to BIG to fail), all one must do is follow the money. In this case the advertising dollars paid are tied to how many eyeballs, well better stated purses and wallets were exposed to the broadcast. To obtain high ratings something either out of the norm or sensational are used to draw the dollars.

Keeping the population concerned for their own safety allows government to grow (Liberties stolen or surrendered) to provide for the safety of the people. This safety is important, since if we were too afraid to leave our homes we could not be taxed by the government while given the privilege to conduct our private business within the jurisdiction of the government agencies assigned to provide for the freedom of movement to conduct normal business in a “Safe Space” so to say.

Hopefully through this pattern of reasoning one can determine that the press job to inform the population of what the government plans to do to you in the future has been transformed into a business that must create value and in order to do so, does not have the publics best interest as a motivator. The motivator is the bottom line, how much of a profit was made.


Question #3

3. The mass media can be used to promote a propaganda campaign that is eerily similar to methods used by, I don’t know, the Communist USSR. But is it?

Well to be quite poignant, how about we make this parallel, propaganda could be considered information, or better stated, parts of information since redactions most likely will occur are used to provide information to the populace from a single source, that source is the government. Creates message, provides message to media, media distributes information as fact, not parts of facts as it is provided to them from the governments press agent. That is disinformation is it not? How about on a much grander scale, that is so easy to spot if observed through a more historical prism, or point of view.

This last general election cycle where the Democratic Nominee Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was projected to dominate the Republican Nominee Donald Trump in a landslide, daily for months, right up until the day prior to the election, we were told to expect a Clinton win through all of the Main Stream Media (MSM) broadcasters. “Conditioning us” for the inevitable victory of Mrs. Clinton. I use the words “Conditioning us” for one reason only, the last two general election cycles the MSM was correct in predicting Mr. Obama would win reelection. However, prior to that there was a trend when the MSM had cranial rectal inversion so bad, they were tickling their own tonsils.

Examples are a follows off the top of my head:
Dewey v Truman – was explained as an anomaly during my education process.
Carter v Reagan – Carter was ahead months before, even in the USA of Malaise circa 1978
Bush v Dukakis – They blame it on Willy Horton and the tank, but it was perceived leadership
Clinton – was easily won without majority with a three way split, the Perot effect split two ways Bush wins
Bush v Gore – watch some youtube clips for a refresher course
Bush v Kerry – Swift boated away, perceived leadership during wartime (Iraq, Afghanistan) ie, if those you led in war do not trust you, why should I trust you with my posterity’s Liberty?
Obama v McCain– Republicans had honestly lost its way and become a party of Big Gov’t. McCain was of the party in power that was sending your kids to fight on the other side of the world, all just so we could have $4.00 a gallon gasoline. Then the verge of economic collapse, a bail out of businesses with our tax dollars, and then, and then, and then……I call this election alleged Socialist vs. NeoCon’s next up
Obama v Romney – I call this election Socialist (proven) vs Socialist slightly lighter but still Socialist by every account. Romney wins popular vote?
Clinton v Trump – Socialist with Communist tendencies vs Capitalist. We shall see where this takes us. I will TWEET you as soon as I find out of course. Clinton wins popular vote.

If you notice all the predictions, except for Dewey’s snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, were predicted Democrat victories? That is seven other election cycles dating back to the end of World War II. Ever wondered why the MSM of the day predicted Dewey? Easy if you remember that the Democrats had held the White House through FDR’s record number of terms. Perhaps a course correction was anticipated, based upon the pulse of the public opinion, back when you had to actually talk to people, in an attempt to understand the human condition.

Propaganda? I don’t know, but Oliver Stone does, or through artistic interpretation and license perpetuates that effect, he even made a miniseries out of it. Why?

Muslims FURIOUS as “First Country to BAN ISLAM” Does THIS to Over 80 MOSQUES [VIDEO]

Statement 1 point #4 of the list created
Knowledge is power, there is more computing power in the palm of your hands than there was available to send a man to the moon.

That is a fact. We are immersed in censored information and it is all in the palm of our hands. Scary isn’t it? Well the United States Government thinks so; hence the recent continued overreach into the Liberties of its citizens. Conspiracy theories tend to begin this way.

That and when you see some videos of folks, usually younger Americans, they not only do not know who is in power, they also have a deficiency in understanding the history of America, and indeed mankind.

Obama Quietly Signs 2017 NDAA Over Holiday Weekend

Statement 2 point #5 of the list created
With knowledge comes the truth, your truth, prepare to defend it with facts and details, if it is The Truth persuasion will occur as no one wants to be wrong and therefore a liar.

This is a concern of MSM when attempting to compete with alternate news platforms. Alternate platforms as the infowars clip from above. If it were only about the money, why would the government be involved in picking the winner or better stated, defeating the loser? This is not the job of the government to determine the success of individual efforts is it? Well unless it is less about the money more about the message, and if so, could you be persuaded to then call it propaganda? If not, then what? You see I call that an opinion, this Russia hacker crap that won’t go away, but similar logic was used in creating the assessments used for the MSM to perpetuate onto the consumers that accept it as fact.

Conclusion and assessment.

Journalism can be propaganda when the media uses the government as a sole source and either considers the information provided as fact. Government broadcasts are Public Service Announcements (PSA’s), and marked that way after all.

When the media is used as a megaphone by the government, it is then an arm of the state, therefore not independent. Please research the history of old Warsaw Pact and inform me as how this is not relevant or apply to the American post 9/11 society and government.

This is not like the old days; you know where you had to walk uphill both ways to school, when we were kids. This is the information revolution, everything that you could want to know, save some tidbits from our governments(s) that were are not worthy of, books, information, instructional videos are all available online, its like the new library and you don’t even have to drive.

With knowledge comes our truth. The United States Government has created the Truth Squad to combat the “Fake News” that has been informing citizens who are tired of watching the same tired recycled information being broadcast on the MSM. Now at least the government will make sure we only get the see the real important stuff. Thank goodness for someone taking control, it’s really difficult to determine what is propaganda and to call out ALL propagandists. Now soon thanks to the Tyranny in the District of Corruption, the Ministry of Truth will set us free. Let that sink in for second.

May God help us all. In order to counter perceived propaganda one must create it.

“Also called the Countering Information Warfare Act of 2016 (S. 2692), when introduced in March by Sen. Rob Portman, the legislation represents a dramatic return to Cold War-era government propaganda battles. “These countries spend vast sums of money on advanced broadcast and digital media capabilities, targeted campaigns, funding of foreign political movements, and other efforts to influence key audiences and populations,” Portman explained, adding that while the U.S. spends a relatively small amount on its Voice of America, the Kremlin provides enormous funding for its news organization, RT.
“Surprisingly,” Portman continued, “there is currently no single U.S. governmental agency or department charged with the national level development, integration and synchronization of whole-of-government strategies to counter foreign propaganda and disinformation.””

Obama Quietly Signs 2017 NDAA Over Holiday Weekend


Addendum……………..////////////edited and added to post//////////

Is it any wonder that our socio-economic family dynamic can blah, blah, blah, blah

But, how about this for some loose (they tighten over time) associations that can attributed to the Public being less attentive to, well Matters of the Public.  It isn’t that they don’t care, it may be that they either forgot to care, or could it be that they do not know how?

Normally I would do this for a good laugh but usually I am the only one laughing.  As in, don’t you think that it is funny prior to the founding of the Federal Department of Education and the DEA, we built rockets to travel to and from the Moon with people in them.  That spun off into many things, including the Space Shuttle Program, that was recently retired well not as recently as i remembered.  It also gave birth to innovation in the area of semiconductors that have spun into the World of the Internet that we have today.  It is being able to do three things, speak the truth, associate freely with likeminded folks, and communicate an effective message that is not denigrating, but informing in such a way that not belittling, yeah that is challenging isn’t it.  How is an effective exchange of ideas if there is no discourse?


Better yet, can you mentally draw a link between the education process and the lack of civic mindedness?  Can you mentally draw a link to the MSM spewing propaganda as fact instead of researching to verify the Public Service Announcements, prior to pronouncing it as said fact.  Information is sacrificed in lieu of entertainment and ratings.

Follow me here, Federal money in the education system teaching folks how to think, Federal money in the propaganda that is considered to be “Real News”, and Federal influence in broadcasting, hello FCC.  Wow, what a quick trifecta.

How to think, what to think about, and where to find stuff to think about all done with our Federal Tax Dollars.

I was one of 50 people and change to watch the Arizona’s Governor’s State of the State Address on the live stream.  Had too, wasn’t on any of the Tucson stations that I could find, not even Univision Mas.

(INSERT SARCASM HERE)  I have no clue why the population is so well informed about anything pertaining to how they are ruled over.


4 thoughts on “Freedom of the Press, in a Free Market???”

  1. It is absolutely crazy how the MSM has swallowed hook, line, and sinker the propaganda that the Democratic party spews on a constant basis. The path that the Democratic party has gone down since JFK is quite scary! I would almost say the JFK was not a democrat when compared to most that the party has put forth for election!

    1. The sad part is this Mark. The right does the same thing, it must in order to maintain division. Think of it this way. Do you have more in common with your political enemy or a tyrannical government and its friendly government agents? Funny you mentioned JFK, lots of historical parallels and repeating circumstances, I pray and hope the end game is not the same.

      Thanks Mark
      Mike DeCarlo

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