How Did We Get Here?

Keeping the focus on the senior house of our representative republic, let us gaze at what has occurred since the reelection of those who will be in power for the next six years. The Senate has some its members currently spread throughout the world, gathering information for us, really themselves, in an effort to provide effective governance for us lowly commoners.

How could I come up with such a deduction from the facts provided to us by the mainstream media (MSM)? How with the presentation of facts provided, which realistically are censored to promote a certain political ideology, could I obtain information that would provide for an alternate interpretation and conclusion of the information provided? Research, reason, logic, and a sense of empathy are among a few processes that would be great places to start.

We are continuously paraded through all the great things that our elected officials do for us. Ever heard of “Bringing home the bacon”? Much to the dismay of our Muslim neighbors in the world, this deliciousness cannot be enjoyed daily at breakfast or even on the big greasy burgers that we indulge ourselves on when the opportunity provides. You see “Bringing home the bacon” is and always will be by definition “Pork” which can and should always be connected and attributed to “Pork Barrel Spending”, which is our tax dollars being spread around to others using, in this case, the trough of the Defense Department’s (DoD) budget for its dispensing. If you claim that this is wrong, you are accused of being against the Troops. To that argument I say you are just plain wrong. Follow the ball, or in this case the strips of bacon, how much of the DoD budget actually goes to paying our most valued honorable citizens who take an oath to die for others in the defense of their neighbors Liberty provided by the Constitution? Not much, if it would adversely impact those Troops they would be on food stamps. Oh wait my warrior Brothers and Sisters, we have been shackled with that program for nearly the last thirty plus years already. So that argument does not hold water at all and can be dismissed as disinformation, or wait for it, even propaganda, its easy to call a spade a spade, when the truth is so self evident.

Back to the farm and the big piggies who are safe from the ballot box and, the next ensuing slaughter from the electorate for the foreseeable future. So in passing the DoD budget, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), the creation of a government approved news media source was a second and third order effect. What did I just write? By doing the right thing and paying our Troops, our rulers, the omnipotent ones in the District of Corruption, have created a censored media source, since we can’t be trusted with all the “Fake News” out there. So now we have a definite link between government and media outlets, in which I am sure that journalists will be crying foul over in the future. Well, if they were actually doing their jobs informing the public about what the government and its agents want to do to us in the future, instead of cooperating and therefore colluding with it, we would not be in this situation in the first place.

This is being sold to the unwitting masses as a good thing, but what is good about someone else determining what is good knowledge or bad? Who is it that has the ability and need to keep us ignorant? The powers that be, the powers that must, and the powers that can.

Listen folks, people go bonkers about the government coming to take their weapons from their “Cold Dead Hands”, what is the equivalent to silence? A wired shut jaw? Does anyone else see the correlation here?

The odd part to me is folks are comparing it to the George Orwell book 1984. When the honest answer can be found in the history of the United States and the former Soviet Union. Part of our belief system was threatened by world domination of a form of government, Communism that controlled everything that each citizen required in order to survive. The Central Tyrannical Government then provided its citizens with information through mediums (radio, TV, newspapers, etc.) provided, approved and operated by The State.

I can grasp the concept that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. However, any enemy to citizens acquiring knowledge in a “Free Society” must and will always be the enemy of logic and reason, and therefore Liberty and Freedom. This to me, are mutually exclusive concepts, you cannot have one and the other. The choice should be ours, but it is those who are in power that are choosing for each of us.

So we have gone from “Give me Liberty or Give Me Death” from Patrick Henry during our Revolution for Independence from Great Britain. To the new and polished slogan of Karl Marx, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need”.

The fact that OUR Government recreated, well is reinventing failed policies of a failed Nation, all the while attempting to Nation build is quite confounding, and the silence in the press is well, deafening, should not be a surprise anyone at all. They have been nothing but lapdogs for Tyrannical Central Governments for ages, now we just can see their true color; it is green after all, the color of money, that funds the propaganda from all every open orifice it can identify and use.

Somehow I feel like I am in a Siberian Gulag cell with my mouth wired shut, eyes glued closed, fingers broken, and ears covered with Mickey Mouse hearing “protection”. Protecting me from the free flow of the exchange of ideas, thoughts and concerns of others. Protecting all of US from OURSELVES, since we are not worthy of the knowledge of The State.

Others consider this interpretation too be overboard and extreme, I just call it what it is, history repeating itself. Hurry look it up on the Internet before it is censored from you and whisked away onto the ash heap of human history. Well in this case taken directly from the ash heap of history, given a new name, and made shiny and new. After all, this is America, this could never happen here.

The New Ministry Of Truth – Defense Department Gets The Tools To Silence The Media

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