In Pursuit of Truth Video Assessment

For those of you who have followed this blog for awhile you may realize that in order to provide the shedding of light one may at times operate in the darkness.

The author recently watched this video on the tube of you.  See below:


This is my assessment:

[S.P.M.] My Brother,
My assessment (insight) into your video.
To All Who Read This Presents, Greetings:
We the [P]eople are part of the equation that needs to end, for if we fail to recognize and communicate it effectively it we will see the end (X,Y,Z).
“Common Sense” = Thomas Paine—-which was anti [Tories]
Everything in government is upside down and most times means exactly opposite what is communicated.
We are all energy that was created, there is a department for that, it claims it creates, but it confiscates.
When you look through a prism all colors can be seen can it not?
ALICE?? Top line=   =  CF / C Global Initiative
[F]orgotten [C]hildren is F*C=C*F? After a $kim?
Neuro Network= alexa, google, [U]n[C]le [SAM]sung?
Military told on a ‘Need to Know’ kept in dark as required (mushrooms), follows orders of echelon.
Civilian (business= a lied agreed upon to turn a dollar).
SA=Saudi Arabia;
SA= in wartime footing = [S]ituational [A]wareness
Most are lacking [SA], awareness of who is playing the tune, which would be the holder of the purse correct?

WHO= [W]orld [H]ealth [O]rganization = United Nations = Anti-America = Anti-America = desired end state?

We all are the White Rabbits, all are taken to the edge of the cliff, how can one do it without falling off? How?
What is on the other side of the cliff? Can you sea? What is in plain sight but not seen?

Why is national preparedness month the end of the federal fiscal year?
How else do you get folks to surrender property for increased taxation (sales), insurance, mutual defense?
Manipulation of wallets and weather, whether or not is can be seen in order to comprehend?
[D]arkness to [L]ight DL >=< Down Low? How does one stay down low?
Clowns compartmentalize everything, keeps keys to kingdom isolated to a few.
Stay Optimistically Vigilant.
Peace and Good Health to you and all.
Very Respectfully,
ETC(SS) ret

PS.  Arizona Voters Write In Michael DeCarlo for US SENATE

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    1. Ma’m,
      Thanks for the offer, we offer nothing, we are not and have not started out to be a company out to turn a profit, but merely a place to exchange ideas and increase the Wisdom of the World One Person and Soul at a time. To be quite honest since my bifocals have arrived I have enough of my own five eyes stuff going on without personally inviting it. That being said, you are welcome to submit questions to

      thank you,

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