Liberty Lovers International Border Report 11AUG17 #2

Open letter to the World and to the inhabitants of the County of Cochise in the Great State of Arizona


To Cochise County Board of Supervisors


From Constituent


Subj: OBOO should be retained and THEN work on abolishing all the International codes


Honorable Elected Supervisors of Cochise County (listed below),

District I, II, III. If nothing else email so they KNOW people ARE paying attention.

please email each supervisor with your thoughts            

I scribe this electronic letter, urging each of you to maintain the status quo while always advancing towards total Liberty of Ones Person and One’s Property. This method of communication known as an email is being used as a method of correspondence to my government, this type of correspondence is done in the tradition that in many ways emulates that of the founders of Our very Country, and this too is recorded digitally on paper.  How it was done for and up until last century, prior to innovation and initiative being applied to basic concepts. Now, instead of a quill pen, parchment paper and a horse, we mastered the atmosphere and used ones and zeros sent in binary code through the very air we breathe to communicate, electronically, AMAZING!!!


What progress we have made as a Being and as a Society. The neat part is that there is still work to be done to allow others to be inspired to improving their lives in such ways that we cannot yet fathom. Let us not financially constrain them by increasing the barriers to entry. If anything we should be making it lower given the current state of affairs that are circulating through all the various programs on the various media platforms, especially here along the always controversial and never controllable International border. That may be part of the appeal to the innovators of technology and drivers of modernity, the desolation and feeling of being alone. I definitely understand and appreciate that as a Retired Submariner. Makes more sense now why I live on the edge of town


Could part of that inspiration be obtained here in Cochise County? Could someone learn to exploit our sunshine and power a whole home off the grid? Of course with the proper amount of investment that can be done, but when it is not done to scale that requires numerous purchases that a tax is levied on for the opportunity for the purchase to be made. These lost opportunities and the opportunities’ of real estate or land agents to get involved are missing here. But, when it, the government, now requires it, it, the government, is creating a whole new market outside of the of the direct military industrial complex market that pays the freight on most of the funding of Cochise County Projects, directly or indirectly it is the spigot that keeps this county afloat. Not the little guy down the corner trying to live like an Afghan with a Toyota pickup truck in some Valley somewhere. None of my business, it is that of his neighbors, those directly around, not those located miles away being starved of their direct DoD easy money.  Unless it becomes all of our business with connections to the Fort or something, then the major metropolitan SVMPO’s fingerprints must be examined closely since undue influence from the City of Sierra Vista must remain separate as all county residents are represented equally by popular vote that select our Neighbors and Friends to represent us. Not unelected unaccountable persons under the employ of various agencies, all which end with .gov of some sort, it starts to smell of olive oil that has turned or was about to that your Grandma couldn’t smell, but it must have been fine since here I sit corresponding to my government representatives of Cochise County.


I urge you to vote to promote Liberty in all things, especially in the creation of one’s domicile, for it is in ones own Palace, inspiration was drawn to create monolithic structures to worship the various Creators or Beings called God by the People Earth was it not? People at one time willingly gave to promote community well being prior to being compelled to do so at the end of a weapon, they gave primarily to places of worship. If you have ever travelled back east to the original 13 colonies it is as plain as day. In, a direct in your face, sort of way that is seen in places like Europe and Asia as well. But then they have been saying it’s a whole new world for a while now so I can imagine the confusion.


I think as a submariner and say an underground miner we have a lot of things in common when we would go to work. Some how the story that should begin with something that is really special, like I cheated the devil one more time and lived and this is what I learned, but this is what that cost me as an individual and us as a society. There comes a time where the cost will never be recouped since no matter how we try we can never reclaim time, so we engage our innovative inner thought processes to save it. Been happening for centuries, probably even written in various Good Books and a few Bad one’s too. Might even be why an efficient and productive man like Ben Franklin would be the type of person that could initially propose the concept of Daylight Savings Time, that the majority of the country participates in. It’s right there in the words is it not?


Especially places that are still occupied unencumbered of the purview and corruptive nature of government. It is a known fact that absolute power corrupts absolutely, when you are permitting the agents of this County to dictate to another how and where they must live and that the governmental rent on the property is going up, that my friends would be as dim witted as say tying the future of your children directly to the success of the creation of the next war.


In closing, please permit me to state the following unarguable, unadulterated fact. A State that charges money for folks to go see people in a globe and now wants to create more barriers in order to charge more money for folks living out of the globe like structure is Tyranny, well we elected you so it would be theft, authorized governmental theft, called a tax. A tax directly levied in order to fund what or whom? That to me seems to be the issue on which a Principled decision toward Liberty can be made.


Your Constituent,

Michael DeCarlo

Sierra Vista, AZ

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