Liberty Lovers on the International Border Report 11AUG17

11AUG17 assessment of oral interaction with Council.


To those in Liberty who care I read my open-ended assessment of last nights City Council Meeting in Sierra Vista, AZ. I hope you can read between the lines.


Attended and spoke at Council last evening.

spoke on two subjects the first was not planned, but when the homeless shelter is at the Council meeting begging for money right after sponsoring the join the City Movement renting at full price ramadas at the new full rate. All the while the County is saying if your are moving here you are not going to pay Fry Town taxes. The folks are in a pickle since their representation on the County is on the SVMPO a legisliative body of “anointed ones elected by no one for that specific task”. “Mission Creep” requires a system reset or a systematic purpose to include geographically accountable elected officials. It helps to understand the lay of the land so to say.


have the following to report. The Mayor greeted me in fine fashion while wearing his I love the PD shirt evening last, must have assumed I was going to go after such an easy target as the city about to pay someone a qtr million for a officers inability to follow procedures, prior to taking his high horse last night.


Not sure what that is about, unless he thinks I am going split the vote with Craig for mayors post or maybe someone needs to tell Craig I plan on moving. Its chess folks not checkers.


Craig hears us, well me, he stated that numerous times while looking directly in my eyes. isn’t big on “wards” only since he refuses to understand that the corruption he fears exists here, its commonly referred to and often times called business, in government I call it fraud waste and abuse and there is not a lot of business going on around here, except the government causing the direct need for more government, if that makes any sense at all to anyone. More Government is less Liberty. Get that through your heads.


Rachel’s chair was as empty as Mrs. Calhoun’s mastery of the skill of oral communication when set to the task on a moments notice, or during opening prayer during official civic functions. Though it does at times actually seem as if Mrs. Calhoun may be a puppet of some sort for someone or something, she is definitely not the Mayor’s, that was blatantly obvious. I do not mean that disparagingly she is genuinely a nice decent lady. We can all agree on a lot, like most of us, our priorities just are not identical in nature or actually in our very Nature.


The answer or is it challenge is to train Our elected to start getting It using the System and all the processes It has created against Itself is it not? Think of it as a cousin to the serpent, a worm, it will grow back be smarter and stronger, the other half must be exterminated or it will live and reproduce as well. That is the rub, it takes a lot of work just to hold something at bay. It looks like a serpent, acts like a serpent, but fights and therefore dies like a worm. Honestly, the beat goes on, in 4/4 time since ¾ time is like a language lost except in written and performance art, in this case music.


I mentioned parks and rec for you there RD , that not all parks are being cared for. 60% of this one employees time is spent per week on the soccer fields over by the by pass. That is a nugget. Some parks directly adjacent and connecting by city government land admittedly get zero care since admittedly “Time sometimes runs out at the end of the week.”


I would venture to guess that all the folks took holiday hours at the same time and management didn’t correlate the monsoon with increased staffing for lawn maintenance. Not like the folks in charge haven’t been at it for a couple of decades. Or if the bike paths associated with the park system see much use through that pleasant upstream from the City park trailer park. 2% more money in a fair wage system will still get 20% less work done on holiday weekends. Even when slave labor is employed via the also corrupt prison industrial complex.

I hope you each individually voted for 60% of your tax dollar on that spent on that specific park to be spent on folks playing soccer at the low point of an older and well established thriving residential area that has used to have or is perhaps currently using septic tanks. No matter the smoke and mirrors don’t look or smell over here.

These parks are built upon what used to be commercial industrial areas. Such things as cement and brick were used to build houses, government buildings, and that fort down the street. It makes capitalistic sense to have it close, it cuts transportation time, and time is money. For instance that soccer field at one time used to be a cement factory. I remember driving by it and my future neighborhood on my trips from San Diego to visit Palominas while dating the Mother of My Children. The fort stopped building last time after Vietnam I don’t know when, but I do know this, my house is brick built in 78. I am at the corner of 7th and the bypass. Closer to the fort is older further away is new. But the area next to the police department is new relative to those adjacent and surrounding it and can be seen as the cover for the seedy underbelly of the next type of required “Fry Town”. It is the very reason why folks I grew up with never called the cops. “No marks on the map” drew less interest in government intrusion to correct such insubordination.


Sorry I do hope that was eloquent, but yet entertaining.

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