Rant of the Day…. 04JUL18 Happy Treason Day

Rant of the Day….


Happy Treason Day….

Follow up Feedback Loop from the week past.  Under the Advice of former Congressman and Retired Colonel Allen West, it is recommended that We The People read the Declaration of Independence together as a Family.  You know right about the same time we should all be praying together?  Or not pray if you choose not to do so, that my Friends is the beauty of Liberty.  If you are one of the folks who protested the National Football League Players kneeling while the National Anthem played and are also the kind of person who would protest an individuals right to consult for intervention of Their Creator through the act of Meditation, Inter-inspection through reflection, and or through Prayer.  I say this, shame on you.  It is freedom of speech through voluntary means, plus if you do your homework about the very reason the Slaves were the forced into conscription on the High Sea’s as Order Followers.  It starts to add up.  Do the Math folks.  When you realize the level of your enslavement percentage wise through the deductions of your Acquired Property or Monetary Value, for existing where you choose to live with the vote(s) of the feet(s).

Which leads to the vote of the wallet, since as a reward for the safety of your Property Transaction there is a tax, yes an added barrier to entry into the Free Market due to excessive financial burdens deducted on your behalf for your Safety and Security of course.  We couldn’t do it with out you, should be the PD’s new slogan sweeping the Nation.  Since Protecting and Serving has been replaced with Law (some of the folks needed remedial training while on the job, it’s in the personnel files that are for Public review) Enforcement powers beyond that of The Founders’ per view delineated in The Declaration of Independence.


How does one subtly suggest to a Governor that a “Metropolitan” area with a +/- 1:1 ratio of bovine to folks ratio may be FEMA’d out as soon as someone put the Operation Stonegarten Grants of Financial Privilege links to both FEMA and overseer costs.  I was reflecting upon this through Prayer as my sensors have been on overload for awhile.  Why is there not a National Guard Armory down here in Sierra Vista?  I mean who is watching out for the State’s Interest while the City pilfers Grant money to tear down buildings, then again maybe that could be recycled into ‘The Wall”?  Which lead me to Operation Copper Cactus.  Mr. Ducey stand against the wall, though it is a brilliant FDR type jobs program, but it also reminds some folks of the Great Wall of China.  Which was built by an over extended fallen empire.  Build them first 100NM miles from International Airports and let us see how the city slickers like them.  We already have barriers to entry to go North from my datum, we need not more, so please push away from the FEMA cash cow table, grazing upon it is sure poison and indeed a large cause of the PSPRS crisis.  It’s not that the investments didn’t pan out, it is that the system over burdened itself accidentally on purpose or that it truly is a burden to the rest of the Nation for folks to live in the desert south west.


It’s not that the world is upside down, but the Victor tells the Tale and Vanquished Foe pays the penalty, with the exception of the Buffalo Soldiers’ classified by both number and color, turns my stomach thinking about it.  Below is an interview I conducted with Chaz and Primetime of the Buffalo Soldiers America Inc.  Arizona Chapter MC.  POW/MIA Flags do not stay black and white folks, they are filled with the color of blood in this case with good reason that if one ponders is a nugget that supplements reason.


Well there you have it Traitors, that be the way it has been observed through my eyes, I welcome your opinions in the comment section below.

Long Burn effigies of Political figures and Monarchs on this Continent, but not during no burn days.  A built in handicap as I see it.  Or an excessive tax perhaps?  Tip’s o’plenty on this blog, if one takes the time to read through the lines and uses  the correct logarithm I tell ya.  Request permission to IPL sensors and weapons, raise the Nav/ID light, look out post to the bridge, rotate and radiate on ships radar, running lights test sat on primary filaments, pass up the commercial radar to supplement ships safety.


I do believe my head will pop off if the Flags are in the Incorrect Order of Precedence at either of the parks today of all days.  Peace out Traitors.

There endith the rant, your Treasonous Americans’, Maintaining The Tradition’s In Order To NOT  be The Vanquished Foe……

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