Rant of the Day….. 04NOV17 All Seized up

Rant of the Day…..




All Seized up


Figured I would scribe a short note today on the Antifa holiday show. I shall be observing this dissent from the house, since my body is limiting my ability to use my motor skills by increasing the levels of pain throughout my skeletal and muscular systems. In plan English, or Arizonan Engrish, I just plain hurt.


There is this fella you can look up, his name is Robert David Steele, he speaks in ways that I have attempted to communicate with folks, about topics that I have broached in the past, usually to degrees that I personally considered unsuccessful. But, cranial rectal inversions didn’t happen overnight, nor shall they be removed in a manner conducive to good order and discipline that is prevalent in the Submarine Force Branch of the US Navy. But, then again, one is providing solutions on various levels and functions of systems for various functions and the other is providing conclusions that promote future guaranteed conflict resolution requirements, or more government guaranteed growth.


I was told this week by someone whom I love and has been an inspiration for many of my dreams and deeds that no one cares any more, or ever. But, for sure that no one cares as much as I do in their sphere of influence. The remark was meant to ‘put me in my place’ or to diminish my passion in regards to the Tyranny around all of us. No on cares.


Well I did care, I do care, and I will continue to care. It’s a Duty I took an Oath of a Lifetime to defend.


I can hear it, can you?


There endith the rant……

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