Rant of the Day 08JUN18 Administration Fees

most Grants of Financial Privilege provided by the Federal Government allow for a 20% administration (money handler) fee. Who handles the money in your neck of the woods?


Rant of the Day…..




Administration Fees


Been gone awhile, and for that we at decarlosdanger.com do apologize.  However, that being said, it is the opinion of this author that the deviation from the path was required in the interest of continuity of the pursuit of Life, Liberty and Happiness.  Interesting time, as I have been writing but in a stenographers pad, having also recently discovered one of the all time great humorists books, been reading and researching.  But, in an effort to be more eloquent and effective I have turned my attention again to local politics, since honestly those are really the only ones we can have a direct effect on in the most efficient means possible or so I thought.


The web is created

The web is defined

The web evaded?

The web redefined


The web is government

The web is control

What hath Liberty meant

To the Warriors of old?


Prior to US Government

and its two party Tyrannical System

We bowed to Kings and those with rings

I for one don’t miss that


During those prior planting seasons

The 7 Years War raged on

Sacrificing American Fathers and Sons

Defending the Kings land the reason


After the French were vanquished

The Tribes of Natives lied to

All the Kings Conscripted Soldiers

Were also lied too


So why did they serve

Having that foreknowledge?

They weren’t conscripted, just poor

And couldn’t afford college


See I should have wrote that down on the stenographers pad, as it seems not quite ready for publication and needs a bit of wordsmithing.  However, it was just coming out of my head when I was contemplating how to introduce the subject of the day, well yesterday, the danger was told it took 5 hours to scribe.  I was just trying to get the words right, which I failed at but you can be the judge.  I wrote an email to the Mayor and Council during the public comment period since it appears that the spoken word can be not only ignored but also discounted, in regards to the CDBG funds allocated to this fine city of Sierra Vista, Arizona.  Since it appears staff may be recycling ideas of justification of existence, every government employees job to do when the economy turns turns, the engine is the Army and Military Intelligence, it is indeed where the lie begins.


Supplemental Background Info:

  1.  The CITY of SIERRA VISTA, AZ has numerous InterGovernmental Agreements (IGA) :  Which in layman’s terms more less means that the CITY is reliant on services of the US Government.  An example would be that Ft Huachuca supplies bomb sniffing dogs to the CITY in cases of Public Emergency.  You know like the annual bomb threat at schools during finals and the Seniors last week?
  2. The CITY of SIERRA VISTA, AZ has this year started providing ambulance service on Fort Huachuca at nearly the farthest place on the post from the local hospital.  The CITY is now supplying the manpower, vehicle, and fuel to support safety efforts in a military installation.  The US Gov’t is providing a Grant of Financial Privilege to underwrite it all at a cheaper cost the American taxpayer while leaving the residents of Sierra Vista on the hook for the pension part of the financial pie.  Not sure what the total plus or minus of the number of jobs or the total of income per employee, but, as it can be seen anytime a government agency enters into an enterprise to create the opportunity for profit, anti-trust suits would follow a private company that established that type of monopoly.
  3. The CITY of SIERRA VISTA, AZ has recently increased its trash service by 15% and it appears that next year it will be the same proposal.  First blamed on loss of commercial accounts, then on recycling and China, it leads one to believe that the only commercial activity occurring within in the range of the Sierra Vista refuse service area was recycling.  I hear tell they cost a wee bit more, but they provide excellent service, ask them they will tell you.  Or watch the City Council video the end of May 2018 and just listen.
  4. During a recent City Council meeting at City Hall within the borders of SIERRA VISTA, AZ it was mentioned that a Department of Justice audit of CITY infrastructure in regards to the Americans with Disabilities Act from a number of years back has yet to be complete, nor was there a percentage given of the amount completed with a calculated timeline of completion.  Sort of like a Plan Of Action and Milestones (POA&M), which logically if It were truly engaged with the community be placed on the webpage for review.  Perhaps under the Disability Commission, as it would seem there would be a high degree of interest in that Commission for 100% compliance with ADA standards from Ft. Huachuca to Hereford.
  5. The CITY of SIERRA VISTA, AZ made a motion that was approved by Council that Planning and Zoning Commission meetings formerly held twice a month will now be held as required.  It brings a few questions to mind, does that mean there will be more meetings or less meetings?  What is the requirement for notifying the public of said meetings?  Can, will these meetings be broadcasted or recorded for historical purposes?  The concern being this, the Cultural Diversity Commission meets the last week of the month.  Logically it will meet most likely 9 to 10 times during a calendar year (subtract Thanksgiving and Christmas, most likely Dr. King’s birthday as well) if all systems are working properly.  However, when I attempted to attend a Cultural Diversity Commission meeting I was told by our our employees that that commission was dark, with the meaning, at least I hope in my heart was that it was not in existence, since it did not have enough members to sustain or obtain a quorum.  That being said, it was frustrating to plan a day of learning from others and be so disappointed with the outcome of the foray into the folly that is government.  It’s supposed to cost a lot, that way you won’t want to spend the money.
  6. decarlosdanger.com does not care for Federal overreach into any aspect of their lives, let alone local government.  I mean the beginning of the lie starts down the street.  For one who was required to live it for so long it has become as if it is an old 33-1/3 LP with a scratch that has caused it to loop (for you youngsters that was when music was still pure analog and made with potential).  CDBG funds allow, permit, and encourage localities to take 15-20% of the total for administration fees.  So in essence one willing to place one’s hand out, must also be willing to inflate the price of paper and electricity?  That shit is done by computer like everything else right?  I can recall when penmanship was required (my Navy job scribing in deck logs of nuclear powered submarines comes to mind) this was to ensure that for posterities sake historical evidence was made to record all transactions made.  On the boat this was in order to provide one the ability to question authority, or in my case in the Navy provide Forceful Backup in the Control Room when required, in a way that did not draw the continuous unwanted attention of the eaves dropping equipment installed back home, but provided a clear concise message to the intended receiver(s) if its transmission.  Safety of Ship being of utmost importance once any vessel is at sea, no matter how near or far landfall may be, or the depth beneath the keel while anchored or underway, without the Ship we fail to exist.  I truly am beginning to find it odd that in a Stockholm Syndrome type way that it is definitely more difficult to exist without the burden of the Ship.  I will admit while attached to a Submarine, one it truly attached to one’s occupation, in ways that are not only unrecognizable to the landlubber, but incongruent with societal norms of most times in human history, bar perhaps that of the Vikings.


So this is the electronic letter that was transmitted to the CITY as suggestions on CDBG funding spending, the spending is supposed to aimed at low to moderate income areas.  If you have made it this far, I appreciate your reading.  I also, would appreciate your candor in the comments as well.  Thanks for the support, criticisms, and cynicisms.


There endith the rant……



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