Rant of the Day….. 09JAN18 Discomfort

Rant of the Day…..






As I rose this morning I remembered that I have not posted on the board for quite some time. I have been posting on twitter, facebook, and youtube more frequently, and honestly it has attracted some new folks to the danger page and I wanted to welcome the seasoned folks and the new folks who have registered.


I would particularly like to that the United States of America as it visits the site and reviews posts from the past. Especially while reviewing it on the Cheney Reservoir just outside of Wichita, KS. Peace to you folks. The system is full of great folks who do outstanding work above and beyond the call of Duty, however, that system is broken, FUBAR even. So it is not you individuals who serve your Nation with honor and integrity, I or WE THE PEOPLE are concerned with, right now. It is locusts on the field eating the very substance WE THE PEOPLE have created for us and our families that is of concern.


Residing in the quaint desert town of Sierra Vista, AZ has its perks. A few weeks ago I was in Cleveland, OH and freezing like the rest of the Midwesterners, the last few days I have been riding my bicycle in 70 degree sunshine. No sunscreen required, it is only a few miles to the VFW and American Legion Posts in town. It is always great to see those who have lifted the yoke for me in my youth, and those whom I have lifted the yoke with in one shape or form. It’s all great until you are forced to the market north, then the trails of locusts are noticed as they inquire “US Citizen?” as they wave you by. Guard duty for 100K is excessive is my point, especially when the border is south and their end of authority north 100nm inland from the Int’l border.

decarlosdanger.com having to make up his own Christmas Story

It is becoming clear to me that I stand a decision point in my life, I can keep writing and attempt to improve my style of communication that instills self thought and reflection of situations in society around me, or try a different path. It is a leadership quagmire at best from my perspective, or a total void of leadership, which is much more likely I am afraid. But, when you surrender your abilities to others in the for of government, you should expect a return diminished, as the administrators of the whip, must take their cut for overseeing the whole thing.

So what are the choices? I do like to communicate about the current events in Our American society, the experiment that it is, and the Liberty it stands and has stood for for over two centuries. But, has it been two centuries? Or has it, like many brands, been repackaged as something other than what it was once advertised to be? I mean for instance, Saturn vehicles were GM products, Saturn folded as part of the bailout of the 2008 economic disaster, and now GM makes cars that look like Saturn’s. Just repackaged with new stickers, just like Border Patrol and the Coast Guard are now law enforcement arms of the USG under the Department of Homeland Security. If I can recall, the USCG was part of the Department of Transportation and the USBP was part of the Department of Justice, I think that is correct. But, I haven’t verified it just going from memory, call it my wite[sp] priviledge. It isn’t word games, you might have to go to an old dictionary to look up the word wite but it has existed and perhaps still does in this world. Guess it depends if you play checkers or chess, I like Chinese checkers everyone gets in on the action and is not removed from the field, or board.


Checkers masculine, dead pieces, removed from the field, “King me”.


Chess feminine, removal little folks are of no consequence unless seen in person soap operas and TV cured that, surrounded by folks on the Left and Right with similar abilities but opposite views of the board, and a dude with a title that can only do on thing at a time. Play that on seven levels and then perhaps cause and effect will be much more self-explanatory.


Chinese Checkers from what I remember with Dad and Grandpa is pretty much just overrunning the folks faster than they can over run you. Said Sun Zu, never but often. Sometimes you can’t make this stuff up.


Well the title of this entry was discomfort, it was aimed at cognitive dissonance, choose your path wisely, but do choose one. Do not be afraid as the path will lead you home, and then and only then will you be inspired to choose another. Then another, and another. It is life long learning with a library at your finger tip, and fake news, and your neighbors on tv too. Its your path, not mine to dictate or define for you, I only hope to inspire you to look small and thing big, or think big and look small, but to look none the less.


One Man’s entitled is another Man’s deserving…….said a Warrior to one of the many confused and sheep that scurry in fear of shadows not their own, please government protect me an my status (as a to be con’t/ then consumed) they cry. I will take the lashes, as those scars have long healed over which mean they did not kill me before, so therefore are not a mortal threat to existence. Who holds the purse dictates the tune that comes from a wallet, some folks just can’t find the purse, it is hidden from them, from their eye.


Well have to shower to get prepared for a trip up to the big city!! Through checkpoint Charlie and everything, the excitement has me on edge!!!


There endith the rant……..




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