Rant of the Day……. 14NOV17 Is NASCAR Metric?

Rant of the Day…….




Is NASCAR Metric?


When in the course of this humans events in recent history within the last week, the author was granted the privilege of comingling on a social basis with salt of the earth folks. Who really appreciate folks for their Value, the Value of interpersonal relationships is immeasurable in concept nor scope, depth, nor breadth. The fact that we all identify as military retirees who at it’s true start of the expansion of the circle of Trust Core had in excess of 6o Years of combined military Service. Unlike the World, which is covered in excess of 2/3 by H20, our cumulative total would be inversely proportional to that Value. However, we made it work, it was our therapy. A place to unplug, unwind, disengage, or reengage the instinct of survival at all costs, liberatingly, shockingly, simply extreme kind of stuff. Or in this case, this works for me, I trust you around my Daughters, would you like to come camp with us, kind of stuff, yeah we go to NASCAR and camp and fish San Carlos Lake in AZ, which covered 11 of the 12 months of the year. Beyond difficulty of explaining, its very explanation is simple to understand, is it not?

Well, any who, I do believe that this author has attended the races at PIR on and off since 2004 the first time with a girlfriend I was dating at the time. We planned it all out we would stay in an area where she had resided prior to her adventure out to the frontier of American Southwestern Sonoran Desert/Semi-Arid Plateau that is Cochise County and Sierra Vista, AZ. She was a wonderful Lady, and a good woman whom I was fortunate enough to have formed a relationship with, and experience life not confined, professionally speaking. I actually still have the diorama that she had made to commemorate my initial visit to the Phoenix International Raceway. That event grew to quite the part over the years. At times increasing the rate of annual return on cumulative years of military service to over if not close to 500 years at times. 60 years of service would be claimed by my camper alone, though I speak as the only military retiree with entirely all active duty service. But, then again, when folks don’t understand me to this day I fail to comprehend their lack of any effort in even exerting a mere attempt in the general direction of solution providing, or is that solution providing.


But then again, when set free, those who have never been responsible for others before, not just next meal stuff here, professional growth advice from like a weird hexcentric, Jack-A-Lope Uncle would be the type of commitment that would be required I guess. How else can you get along with most folks for months on end for without committing violence against one another? All the while succeeding on station and successful accomplishments of other missions. Some in the paper and on TV, since it was pre 9/11 and the D0D was not going to be able to do any explaining, successfully anyway, about a bunch of missing zeros in front of the decimal point of budget deficit. AKA D0D Audit trillions missing, I was on the other side of the world deployed in Guam, I recall some folks wondering if we were going to get home since the Defense Department (Formerly and Historically known as the Department of War) was missing lots of money, an operating our vessel was expensive, but a Value to the taxpayer. Our O’l CO would say from time to time, yeah he is an Admiral now, come to think of it Our XO is too. But I digress.


Growing up believing that scar tissue ended up being stronger than the original, has left the author open to wounds that others would not have endured, since after all in a finite amount of time it would heal.


Well as far as NASCAR being metric, don’t let the wheels or number of stages fool you, it is and will always be about the base ten system. Since money issued by any Controlling authority, aka gov’t and its necessity to necessitate and therefore propagate evil, thereby fulfilling its requirement of existence with self-perpetuation of solution ignorance, which provides the cover for ignorance of circumstances that most would consider self evident. Not only did they jack the price up, they squared us all off in a manner not unlike that of INDY CAR when folks come by measuring everything from their campers to their johnsons attempting to figure out who the leader is. It became evident that our area of camping was no long an enlisted facility as the big Company folks were coming on in. It was a Grand time with four spots, too bad I pad for five.


One of the ‘Crazy Aunts’ went off the funny farm again. Assassinating character of other Characters with the efficiency of bread and drano on animals down on the home petting zoo farm, that has a septic tank. Why would someone with a septic tank even have drano type cleaners on or at their residence? It might clean shit out of the pipes but its going to kill the bacteria that you need to eat your yesterday shit in that tank under ground. But, that is for another day.


The local Veterans of Foreign Wars in Sierra Vista, AZ has had some plumbing problems and are accepting donations for its repair. You can donate through the following contact information. Make sure you tell them that decarlosdanger sent you.


VFW Post #9972

549 Veterans Dr

Sierra Vista, AZ 85635


  • (520) 458-9972


The local American Legion Post #52 is sponsoring a showing of a movie about WWI heroes from Arizona, at a local theatre, more on that as time and skeletal systems permit. It used to be called an allowance, now not only am I required to obtain permits from the gov to do whatever function, I must now consult with my frame as well since it is continuing to fail, but at a tempo increased beyond influence let alone control.


I slept on the ground in a tent identical to the one that my oldest daughter and her (now Veteran friend) did the first time we camped out in LOT B @ PIR. I aligned it perfectly with the edge of the line placed my tent to the outside of it and erected it, then put another camper outside of that but not on the road. As near perpendicular as possible with due regard for those surrounding us, which is a whole lot more that we had when we were all fresh war Veterans who honestly were just attempting to adjust to being happy to be alive and free of further undue burdens other than those required for good order within societies many cliquish boundaries.


These last three races have been the best for me on a personal way, as they have been with my wife. She, as most folks find out, is a lot like myself, but with being still active on the stage of life teaching mathematics to middle schoolers, is still as sharp if not sharper than I ever was. I am grateful for the experience of doing this with her, it inspires me to do more of not what is supposedly required, but with things that I enjoy that I was not able to do when I was in the Service.

Its just business, and if I do understand anything at all, it might be the wash, rinse, repeat, consuming folks around the world. When I first started following NASCAR the title sponsor was one known Carcinogens and the other an Alcoholic Adult beverage known to cause liver and kidney failure and teen pregnancies. It changed to camping, modems and meth in a can, at least now when you turn the can upside down, the real being in charge of the effort of the corporation is displayed, chasing all the Good Sam’s away prior to opening a Sam’s Club, is bad for karma but good for business, in this case big businesses. After all it is still nothing more than a lie agreed upon after all, is it not?

Indeed somethings are just self evident, and no matter how much you try one cannot ignore.


Check out Destroying the Illusion, Rob Lee, Truthstream Media and Steve Motley on Youtube, they are putting down what you all should be picking up, if you catch my drift?  Well sorry there, didn’t mean to break wind, just drift.  Guess those are the silent but deadly one’s, the drifters.

And don’t forget to buy your evergreencoin.org coin, now trading between $.20 and $.25 consistently for the last few months and bitcoin is still trading over $6K per coin.

See you on the track good Lord Willing and the creek don’t rise.

There endith the the rant…….

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