Rant of the Day…. 15JUN18 Circumstantial Contemplations or the $65,000 idea?

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Circumstantial Contemplations or the $65,000 idea?


You ever wonder why certain things happen when they happen?  Having traced many (every) a system onboard a vessel designed manage Trade and even to extinguish life if required, while simultaneously maintaining an environment that allows for existence, can at times be challenging or even confusing.  Since after all it in all its complexity is just a simple math problem.  A government, a negative value based upon it being a necessary evil collects its perceived entitlement of your value for use to control the bad guy.  The bad guy must be controlled it is declared for if not you will not be safe!!  But, I know these folks, used to be friends of friends of theirs.  These were men of character and stature, who’s hearts were interpreted correctly to be of Good Will towards Man, but willing to take care of that thing you were unwilling or unknowingly refused to take care of yourself.  They were indeed Good Shepard’s as it is difficult to corral the alpha’s due to documented known historical accounts of something simple and easy to understand for instance that of the lifecycle of animals.  Now there is always so much to learn, but at what point what is known be used to know more about what we don’t know?  As Rand Paul points out frequently Grants can be provided for ‘official’ interpretation of audio accounts for clarity’s sake of, ah historically significant account, if one has enough lead to the “Stars of End Result” insulation can be compressed without notice. Energy use you see comes at a cost well beyond the price of admission to the presence of a connection.


Recently, as in this week as I have written in prior posts the City of Sierra Vista, AZ had brief budget discussions about the proposed $69 Million dollar budget that will keep the, 33rdranked region of urban flight based upon metropolitan regional ranking standards, perhaps that is an odd way of saying beholder of federally funded bus lines that are perhaps indeed modeled after the financial efficiency standards of the likes of AMTRAK.  I do not know for sure, but perhaps there may be a connection there, intuitively interpreting it as an avenue of future exploration in an effort to connect the dots to dollars.  With the knowledge of he who holds the purse dictates the tune.


A portion of the second recorded session on youtube has a member of Council, who I see as a Patriot, aggressively pursued a redistribution of the proposed budget requests of departments that have fallen short of expectations based upon the submitted and approved plan.  He did this to move $65K to the fire department it is understood to help evacuate the carbon monoxide fumes associated with vehicle exhaust.  If I understand the True need a quick release clamp on the end of a few of these with some minor modifications could possibly satisfy it.



Add some clothes dryer connections between the vehicle and the plastic an bye-bye exhaust fumes, you have been sufficiently moved away from the inside of the building.  Then again, the Mayor also offered an excellent idea, open the garage doors prior to engaging the ignition of the internal combustion engine.  A stroke of genius in slicing the fat from the chunk of meat while still leaving it attached to the bone.


Not sure on the total amount of vehicles that are garaged by the fire department, but if it is that much of a concern, perhaps with a little investment amongst yourselves or those who support your cause procure some ventilation hose material and challenge high school or college physics students to create versions based upon their knowledge and interpretation of you budgetary request.  Free labor and squandering the exploitation of useful ideas is historically indeed what government(s) is(are) indeed best at.


Without understanding the request past it’s stated purpose it is difficult to assess whether this suggestion would be helpful.  However, in “Name that Tune” fashion, I with near certainty can assure you that it can be accomplished for less that 65 thousand notes financial or otherwise. Perhaps I should acknowledge that I have never had mind for business, merely accomplishing the task at had with the least amount of cost associated, and therefore my advice about turning a profit should be discounted.


It’s sort of like a soap opera no one has the stomach to watch.


????Que Bono????


As you can clearly read, I admit the limits of my acquired wisdom.


There endith the rant….

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