Rant of the Day…. 15NOV17 What if?

Rant of the Day….




What if?

Here at the HQ attempting to ascertain where it went wrong. Not that I live in a glass house here in the SE AZ desert (hey there is an IDEA for another time) it is just that, it has turned into a sky island. I have lived on Hawaii and have visited many other islands some as large as Japan, others as small as say Fiji, that was right after the dunce hat incident, but before the popcorn fart. Back to islands, they are nice places to visit, and if not should be. Since nice places to visit are not places that most folks would like to live. Its sort of like living at a Disney knock off resort that is going out of business. But, when the business is war, who can complain?


What if………………plastics (made of oil by products) are not as permanent as we thought and are being decomposed by the sun in some sort of evaporative process that resembles carbon (coal) ash?  (Thought behind this, my father worked at BF Goodrich in Avon Lake, Ohio for decades and I remember the panels outside to determine aging process in midwestern weather, and have seen others scattered throughout the country.  Think of it as a paint test on roads, but with plastics and in the air.


What if ………………contrails were chemtrails? It is one of those just do it, they are too stupid to recognize and history is written by the Victors moment.  Contrails only occur at certain altitudes, those which would be closest to a cold winters day in temperature and dry as well, think of exhaling while walking in the snow.  The explanation is that simple, while the chemtrail saga is that complex, and yet so simple.  Follow the money, find out its source of funding, eliminate it and move on to greener things, then smoke that instead of jet fuel.


What if……………… I told you there are hundreds of not thousands of them over the desert southwest?


What if……………..chemtrails are composed of more than just the carcinogens from jet fuel (oil, kerosene-ish) and perhaps coal ash would be dispersed upon the folks to share the waste of the burden of supporting them in the desert.


What if……………..the equal dispersing of waste elements was a compromise made by those who endeavors to explore and conquer the desert? I mean they created the Value but Value to some is Waste to others, it is all about perception.


What if…………….folks reality was more than their perception?


What if……………..”One Tribe at a Time” could be seen being accomplished in the corporate area here in America?




What if………………accomplishing Societal tasks delegated to government did not devolve to the ticky-tack pay back method the two party Tyrannical government has devolved to as every level.


What if………………we were able to determine when the space age technology, you know the as seen on tv stuff you cook your food on, well this is not that but that which you are using is call a by product or off shoot for commercial use of the extra produced in the defense of all.


What if………………The Mexican American War never took place? Would the War on Drugs have enough folks to label as bad folks and collect and redistribute their property?  Or would the move to Columbian cocaine happened sooner?  Opiates and the Boxer Wars Britain and China, how else was Hong Kong a place to visit in a communist nation?  It was and is the original Singapore.

What if……………….The Wall is built 100 miles in land at the edge of the Constitution Free Zone?  Can you understand how many times I have heard “That makes absolutely no sense”, to which I rebut “Agree, but it is government and how else are they going to divide you into voting blocks to ensure self perpetuation?

What if………………the Pentagon didn’t announce the results of its audit on 10SEP01, or my 11SEP01 WESTPAC in port in Guam for upkeep ½ of the way through my last deployment on the Badfish. I actually fielded a question from my Sailors’ minds “How we gonna get home?” to which a reply from a paygrade higher than ours rebutted in some of the deepest southern drawl ever applied to the English language when proper diction is required to ensure communications beyond a reasonable concern. “Something will come up, always does.” It was is if he was a psychic with literary talents that he kept hidden from the world and even most of us all around him.


Now that would be something to see, if thou would taketh the time to truly see with thine eye and hear with thine ears would it not benefit all? Square pegs in round holes, everyone looking for angles, it is as if ellipse eclipsed the mind as some sort of procedural requirement for the eligibility of the label of ‘success’ to be applied.


Sorry got off on a “You ever wonder”, when the task was “What if”……..


What if………………your Aunt had balls? Simple, she would be your Uncle. Thanks Aunt Mary Ann, that one never gets old.



There endith the rant…………

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