Rant of the Day….. 17NOV17 How Much?

Rant of the Day…..




How Much?


Since everyone is counting pennies, even my local government. The same local government, who’s elected officials voted to extend CITY Emergency Services to Ft Huachuca on a contractual basis, in what will be a great deal for the US tax payer but in the end a drain on the economy of the CITY of SIERRA VISTA as its percentage of contribution is no longer diluted by all Americans, but now concentrated near exclusively in SIERRA VISTA. The CITY that can no longer fund the blocking of intersections by the Police for Funeral processions, as it is not conducive to proper spending of money presenting a positive Public image nor instilling a sense of Pride in our young as we all respect the Dead, together.


If you have ever been back east, when funerals file past on the road, you know the ones with all the bright lights on in the day time, most folks pulled off to the side and waited there patiently and respectfully until the entire procession passed. But, then again we only had two officers on Duty at a time in Mayberry, I mean Avon, Ohio in the 70’s-80’s. But, then again, back there folks actually have the hearse drive by the house one last time on the way to the cemetery.


How come I always understood Life as this, once your are out on your own you must support yourself and society as well, and out of respect for sucking the life out of you and the Value created from you as well, the government gives you an escort toward the hole in the ground that you purchased. It was the least it could do at 7.5% sales tax. Or you could join the military and make it a career and let the rest of the folks participate in the rat race, sit back and admire their lack of discipline or ability to think past the next meal. Especially here at the trough of humanity’s many wars, Sierra Vista, AZ. A sky island town built to defeat the Soviet Union, makes you wonder if all theses years the joke really is on the folks. It is a Military Intel Center of Excellence, AKA Lie, errr Assessment Factory that has a huge landing strip for an airport. Something about NASA and the shuttle, that adds up more than the fort. The area was pretty depressed prior to the GWOT, however this last boom has created a wider dispersement of bust throughout the dust piling up in the many empty buildings within the city limits of Sierra Vista.


How much…..of ¾ of a million dollars tax burden for pensions isn’t worth providing the respect each of us deserves on the way to our way to our final resting place?


How much….money could have been spent on pension plans that have been spent on travel to funerals of officers KIA in the line of duty?


How much……of the $82 million dollars that is budgeted to run the CITY were supposed to be acquired through RICO funds?


How much…….of those RICO funds are now not going to be available after recent court rulings?


How much…..can we charge to watch the implosion of power?


How much…..of an increase of electrical energy consumption has taken place at Ft Huachuca over the years, even though the sun shines here over 300 days a year?


How much……multiple millions of dollars have been spent on infrastructure to induce folks to join the CITY of SIERRA VISTA in FRY Townsite.


How much…..at what point does spending the Public Funds to excess quantify and therefore qualify the actions as fraud, waste, and abuse, or as the author prefers to call it, Tyranny.


How much……would you spend dear reader?


How much……does an election cost the CITY of SIERRA VISTA? 38-39K, a model of efficiency is it not?


How much …….are you required to surrender for this excursion into ineptitude.


How much…….have you given to your Country? Argentinian Sub is late coming home and presumed lost at sea.




There endith the rant…..

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