Rant of the Day…. 19SEP17 Cause and Effect….

Rant of the Day….




Cause and Effect….

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Recently in the always Sunny and always Tyrannical Metroplex of the Sierra Vista, Arizona the State of Arizona conducted an investigation and made arrests at a local card playing establishment. A poker room was closed and folks arrested for what was deemed criminal activity by the State Gaming.


The cause of this investigation is not published, but then again when the local paper is part of the Governmental Propaganda machine, follow the profit and you will truly feel like a Prophet.


it’s ok not to play follow the leader all the time. really it is


Lets examine who played at the Poker Room:

Were governmental officials, military contractors with Top Secret clearances, politicians, and members of the local, county and state law enforcement attendees at this establishment?


If so, what are their names and assigned duties? If so, being that they are defenders of Liberty, are they really representing your best interests in participating in this criminal scheme?


Being ignorant of the law is no defense, especially when it was known or should have been known to all who attended this type of adult entertainment.  It has been discovered through conversations with members of the press that local current and retired officers of the law were frequent attendees. Sure would like to see that (most likely) incestuous link diagram.


Businesses with high amounts of capital, aka cash have cameras for security. I do hope the State investigators were able to obtain the video. I am sure it will answer the question I have about who was a “Regular”.


When one works the problem backwards thoughts of who approved this venue?


Who in the local government approved this business application?


How was the local governments compensated?

Is not the Sheriff of the County of Cochise accountable to us the citizens for the enforcement, therefore interpretation of law in this County? Why did the State intrude into this?  Why was the State involved and not local members of LE in the enforcement efforts of this card room Sheriff?  Why?  To what end?

I apologize for having so many questions and not many answers. Just attempting to facilitate a discussion in the preservation of our Rights gifted from our Creator, and our Liberty inherited from Our prior generations of Patriots who have pursued the end of Tyranny to ensure the flame of Liberty remained lit for all of us, their Posterity.

It is the opinion of this author that this step taken by the State has side effects that will adversely affect this Veteran centric population in Sierra Vista, Arizona. Here is my point, 22 Veterans a day take their own lives, Las Vegas, NV is the suicide capital of the country, do we in this beautiful semi-arid plateau nestled at the base of the Huachuca Mountains really want to participate in the self elimination of Honorable Men and Women by placing a casino in our lovely quaint desert Army town? I make this assessment by comparing the locations where casinos already exist in the State. Keep in mind that over the last year the CITY OF SIERRA VISTA was involved in a real estate transaction with a Native American group. Just saying those are facts, well the local part is, 22 a day is a stat provided by the feds and having been touched by this fact in my Life on more than one occasion personally I am inclined to accept.

The State’s actions have provided a perceived need for a more taxable and “State” sponsored gambling center is my point.

Always here to talk to any of my Brothers and Sisters in Arms, we Patriots bear a unique burden that is indescribable to the laymen, not by fault of our own, but as scars from picking up the yoke for others who refused to pick it up for themselves in the defense of Liberty.


There endith the rant…….


ps.  special thanks to the US GOV in LA for stopping by and reading, we at decarlosdanger.com appreciate your visits…….

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