Rant of the Day….. 20APR18 The Real War on Weed

Rant of the Day…..




The Real War on Weed

its all green on the inside

Came across a Meme via fb that inspired the first part of the rant. The thought is that wars are fought over resources and that perhaps cannabis can be a resource as valuable as oil (which it can). The second has been brewing awhile and smells like the monster in San 3 on the 698 after a food grinder was installed in an attempt to make trash disposal more efficient. Let me tell you the idea was great though the experiment failed. Can you imagine the brew that ground food, feces, urine, salt/fresh water, soap, shampoo, and clothes washing can make with the just a few cells of yeast? One of my Shipmates, Brian, was from Boston and a Red Sox fan, but this Green Monster he was not a fan of, blowing Sanitary’s was always a quick but crappy way to share the scent waste with others, since they had to be vented inboard everyone had a chance to chew on that decision, or gag until you got used to it. Danny-0!

Cornfields for gas?


My butt (trying to keep this PG and educational), corn fields for corn syrup (cheaper than sugar) and to prop up Big Pharma with a built in diabetes epidemic that coincided with pop being served at meal time instead of the original heart attack, pardon me, liquid cholesterol delivery system. The Rummy boy gets his aspartame* (sugar free* made of what?) deal since most folks don’t drink the water in their house (they think they are smart and more healthy for not ingesting the water), though they seem to forget the body’s largest organ is the skin. Back to scientific principles, in this chase biology and the next field, yep biology again. With a twist of chemistry, and touch of physics. The cool part about each is that they totally different but pretty much the same when you add up the angles of degrees within each cell. Both total 360, some pass oxygen others consume. Some pass other biofuels or can be manipulated through documented scientific principles as pressure, heat, light manipulation, and other stresses to create usable consumable and therefore useful material(s). If everything is at its basis a cell made of atoms don’t the electrons still fly roundy, roundy in a circle?


Hemp fields for gas? Not a far a stretch as it seems if one can recall the auto builder of the People was Henry Ford. Wasn’t the initial engine designed to run on grain alcohol (think they call it E85 currently) that one could make (prior to the revenuers and the current band of tax collectors known as the ATF) (aka Waco, TX a gas was used) On a farm and turn for a profit? If my mind rings true didn’t Washington have a Whiskey Rebellion during his tenure? This has been going on a long time folks.


Don’t pull my finger…..


See part of going to work is to be surrounded by alternate or manipulated frequencies of power supplied to the machine to make it work more efficiently. Sine waves are circles and square waves, well, I hope that is self-explanatory. But with the manipulation of time, to 1/1,000,000,000th of a second and more possible with the digital timing systems (garage door openers, cell phone packet data transfers) currently in use to create the most efficient means of production possible (robots, pixels, WIFI), at what point is one placing themselves at risk to exposure to these waves of magnetism and electricity that slice through all cells (the part that absorbs the energy the most is fresh water the best transmitter is salt water if you are 70%+ H20 would you consider yourself a salty water being?)


Farts are biofuels too!!! Plant farts we breathe to sustain life, my farts are usually too pungent and require energy to be expending crop dusting, it’s just like chemtrails, but depending upon my diet, more natural (and that is a stretch), so to say.


Speaking of stinky subjects, my local CITY of Sierra Vista, AZ (Thank you Councilman Craig Mount for posting) published on his Facebook Mayoral Campaign page a issue of the tremendous shortfall (last year was $3/4 million) the Public Safety Personnel Retirement System (PSPRS) is under. Being one that learned to trace systems (every one) while in the Navy just to be considered Qualified for my job, I thought I could take a stab at it.


For those of you who have never been in the Navy, there is this thing called the Safety Tag-out System, which allows a Qualified Member of the Crew to isolate (elec, mech, air, hydr, water, etc) portions of the various systems to conduct preventive or corrective maintenance. This is done in order to cause harm to personnel and more importantly reduce the opportunity for the equipment to be damaged (aka incur increased costs to the American Taxpayer).


Fact. 1. Over the course of the last year and longer the SVPD Chief can be quoted speaking about the Operation Stone Garden [sp?] project funded through the Department of Homeland Security Grants of Financial Privilege. Which leads one to believe that Safety and Security are held in HIGH REGARD down here along the International Border. Which they are, it is indeed safe here, most likely the safest place on the border, but I do enjoy the cultural exchange.


Fact 2. Those Grants do come from the State of Arizona Department of Homeland Security.


Fact 3. Those Grants can only be used to pay for hours and materials (not pensions)


Fact 4. Without those Grants there wouldn’t be as many pensions to pay for in the future since the Good People down here couldn’t afford to pay them all to begin with, so therefore, they wouldn’t be employed by the taxpayers.


Fact 5. The Grants of Financial Privilege if you follow it back far enough start at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). So let me get this straight FEMA is creating a financial emergency while funding an emergency that as a resident can see with my own EYE(s) is quite non-existent?


Conclusion: The bloated system of government at one level is feeding a starving town in order for it to provide security at the cost of future private sacrifices of Liberty of property, in this case accrued personal and professional Value. If one works the problems back far enough, one can isolate it from other areas and make adjustments in order to place the machinery back in gear. Do not elevate yourselves to levels that you are not prepared to fall from, since after all as a Public Servant, no matter your position in society, you are just a spoke in the wheel. This wheel needs greased since I am so tired of hearing it squeal as it reflects upon the game that was played upon it.


But then again when they refuse to maintain a Standard of HONOR and INTEGRITY while violating their Oaths of Office, they broke the Social Contract first, I feel we should not be bound by it until a full audit of performance records is done to identify who deserves their just rewards (PT tests included), prior to Granting the Financial Privileges that some joker is likely to call a Right (that is punny after all a Ponzi scheme is illegal).


Well as we used to say on the boat, smells like a full house.




There endith the rant…….


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    1. Thank you for the compliments and ideas. I never started this to make money, but to inform the good folks of the strategic dangers that have been sowed in the past that are becoming ripe to harvest. Though I would be interested in cross sharing information on sites if you included evergreencoin.org as well. It sponsors my Iracing class C street stock, as soon as I can figure out how to pay the electric bill with it it will serve its purpose.


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