Rant of the Day…. 20JAN18 Speaking of and in Code

Rant of the Day….




Speaking of and in Code


True rant here, no spell check, doesn’t matter anyway most folks don’t understand me anyway………


Last week, my other ego, the concerned private citizen attended a meeting at the City Manager Conference Room about CITY codes with other concerned citizens. Being detained elsewhere in the direct concern of the World Wide Headquarters of decarlosdanger.com, I arrived fashionably late by a few minutes. The interruption was minimal, as the conversations did not stop while I took my seat.


Being a artistic kind of numbers guy, call it what you will I call it the art and science of survival.


I was there to learn about zones you see, 13 of them now, some in HOA’s and others amongst us commoners. In a years period, ½ of the CITY has been inspected by its code enforcement officers. Not bad, after all there are lots of empty homes in a town at the end of the trough of humanity. No war has always been hard on one trick pony towns, especially those with strategic purpose but also with tremendous tactical influence, locally and in lands far, far away.


There were precisely, as proudly listed by the Community Development Director, or more effectively illustrated agent of the CITY government 1113 cases. 300 citizen initiated complaints where neighbors required a mediator, I do hope those cases were resolved to the benefit of all private parties involved. However, remember when you introduce the government you are no longer in control of your destination.


So our two employees, Public Servants created 60% + of their work load to justify their existence. Wow, talk about job security, send out the lawn care Gestapo to collect more taxes from folks on the poor sides of town. How do I make this link and deduction? HOA’s have been or are exempt from the inspections of the officers.   So in essence what we have created is an inspection team that has divided the CITY up in economic regions, the town expands during every war and conflict, homes built during Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War I, II, OEF, OIF, etc, etc, etc.


The real concern here that everyone is missing is the water rights of those who have homes and wells built prior to 1988. This interrelates since most to the HOA area have been built after then and especially after 2001.


The concern is that since these zones are already established, should we not have representation in those areas, someone who represents the folks who live there in the zones?


It ties into the FRY Town annexation dividing it up in sectors. I remind you, millions of dollars have been invested in ‘good faith’ by ‘folks from the government and here to help’ the good folks that live there. Millions of dollars more on staff time to convince them, sector by sector, to join us as residents in the Sierra Vista City proper. An election costs $39K and would be a much more efficient way of dispersing funds to measure the collective temperature’s of the area. Even doing it nine times is more cost efficient than the current strategy of funding the CITY on Federal Grants or permission slips to enforce the law, or more precisely stated obtain more tax dollars by spending tax dollars. Permission Granted.


Back to the meeting, more or less this is the message in a bottle. It, the CITY will do the following on a continuous basis, in order create as many opportunities for it to be required to referee on the field that it created, manipulates, and decides who the winners and losers are based upon the continuously increasing barriers to entry.


I remind you folks this got started based up tasking to reduce the amounts of codes that are no longer useful, required, desired, or are just plain outdated. What we have gotten is justification for existence through statistics, along with providing the authorization for code enforcement officers to issue Criminal Misdemeanor Citations. Can you see the contradiction in the answer made in order to fulfill the request for answers to questions posed?


Folks what I am attempting to communicate to you is this, the far off sounds of alarm are real, but with Trust In God The Almighty, His Son, and the Holy Ghost in Our common Sovereign and collective Eternal Spirit, for if you have not researched hearding and shaping, creating the wedges, David Galula, Mark Twain, all while not realizing one’s true Value, up until recently, it is nearing time to ‘buy the ticket and take the ride’ ala Hunter S. Thompson, and pull a ‘red dawn’ “boy’s avenge me!!!” moment, as I near the Birthday of My Father, The Man who raised me, Richard David DeCarlo, the oldest of two sons borne to late Mr and Mrs James V DeCarlo Sr formerly of Monongah, WV. I don’t know much about their Families’ other than my Grandma Jeanette’s Father was one of the miners killed in this disaster.




You see it comes down to managing the fountain, gauging where a best fit, most effective use of skills, and ability to work well under stressful conditions and solve problems with solutions that last through an entire lifecycle of the machinery in use, dependent upon Congressional Districts and their unemployment rates. However, I do recall my Dad being in the basement by his work bench, muttering about politics and stating the following: “If I had retired from the Army be would have been out by now and would not have to put up with this ……..” Well Pops, I am retired from the Navy, solve problems with actual solutions that are not dependent on the Value of my neighbor nor neighborhood. Just think outside the box is all. We all can do it since after all we are all one crew with one screw and the shaft is aft folks.


Brings new meaning to the (notice the punctuation) University of Arizona’s football slogan, doesn’t it? The irony to someone who has visited the USS Arizona Memorial on more than one occasion, the commitment was marrow deep you see. Then you realize that even the Great State of Arizona, more precisely the CITY of Sierra Vista, an Army MWR project of the greatest proportions, with other funding for its HUUUUGE airport project and antenna project across the street over yonder.


But, who am I?


Just a Retired Submarine Chief who needs to go get his exercise and interaction with Society. Along with a refreshment, I have earned that Liberty, and will take the Privilege. I mean, how else can you get the folks organized to extract their Value for the Common Good of course. Anything less would be stealing from the American taxpayer after all.  Dad’s Birthday is the 23rd.


There endith the rant……



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