Rant of the Day…. 23JUN18 Numbers follow the Slashed S’s

Rant of the Day….




Numbers follow the Slashed S’s


This rant inspired by folks who grew up in Avon, Ohio in the 80’s.  So it is a flash back through memory lane.

start your engines

In a effort to counter to the current recycled border issue brought out for display prior to the end of the FY and therefore budgeting.  A friend from my youth whom I respect, posted that in excess of ¾ of a million American children are separated from their parents do to service in the military.  I made a post absent reason and logic, since I was and have been emotionally involved in being separated from my children while in the service.  Some how it inspired my brain to engage and attempt to assist folks in correlating history, since the patterns and trends are all the same. It is much like the Pete and Repeat joke down by the river.


Here is the reply:

Apologizes for this not being even close to being concise.


Guess I should have posted it for my rant of the day… (told you it inspired me lol)


However, That one caused an emotional reaction sorry about that, walked that walk and it is not pleasant, therefore my logic was left out.


I do however; believe the thought of the original post could be this. Why don’t we fight to get our folks to be home instead of deploying abroad?


Could that or would that be a way to reduce that number. I mean honestly, folks, wars never come to an end unless you are the loser. But that too is a lie, since historically insurgencies will remain and require policing. Hence, could that be the reason for the task and burden of maintaining a sustainment presence of some sort?


I mean we did grow up in the Connecticut Western Reserve, back then just like now folks fought over over the horizon over land and its minerals and abundance($$).


Hope with that example will allow you to make that correlation.


Can anyone else see this correlation?


Other obvious ones would be Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Guam, Germany, Korea, Japan, the various gulf States, Duquesne (Pittsburg), Defiance and the Firelands (I suspect Sherman may have used it as an example on his march to the sea 100 years later) to the west of our town.


My thought that keeps repeating in my head is what is the why?  Why repeat this again, it happened in the 2ndhalf of Obamas second term.  I know, I and this fella named Jake pitched an intel class to National Guard Transportation Unit, Pro Bono, at the request of the Commander “Skeeter” Janek K-ski (I can spell it) was a former colleague with whom I worked with (actually for he was the site lead) at Fort Polk.  So this is indeed a repeat to me as well.




Wait, was it about inflated job numbers?  Say it isn’t so.

With that being said, could this is being done in order to provide an avenue of redirection so that you forget to read the IG Report yourself, or look around your towns that you live in at the booming bustiling economy.  My town looks like Lorain, Ohio in the 80’s, minus the “Burn Iran Now” painting on train overpasses, how about yours?  The Manager and Mayor are attached to the teat of the Army and Federal Providers of Financial Grants of Privilege, all as if by design. Those are the things I see in my AO that are my ground Truth, I place much more weight in those observations, instead of taking what the box on the wall says as fact?


Peace. Have a great weekend everyone!

So I thought.

Then again a magic bullet killed Kennedy

Jet fuel collapsed 3 buildings in NYC

Iraq fought us with stuff we gave them in the 80’s

Just like the Mujahedeen buried the stuff we gave them to fight the Russians

The hostage crisis lasted 444 days that was the reason that Iraq was provided arms to fight Iran


At least when the draft was going on it was by lottery so everyone had to pay attention and would be less likely to want any conflict, now its is done primarily by middle and low income folks because they need the money and attempt to use it as a hand up.


I went in with my eyes wide open (so I thought) attempting to have a positive influence reducing the burden upon us all, including the financial one placed upon you. The only thing we/I could do for my men was manipulate the work effort to provide them more time away from the boat when we weren’t at sea.  It meant increasing my workload collaterally within the Command structure, in order to provide them some of the opportunities towards achieving their stated and written goals.  Best way to have folks follow you, is to make sure you follow them off the brow and use their time wisely everyday.


My CO bought in, and gave us enough ‘rope-yarn’ to hang ourselves with, since where we went one, we went all, in that line of business.  He understood the ‘Trade’ offs and assessed the risks and indeed took a chance on the paradigm shift.  He is currently a retired Commander of the 7th Fleet and I do believe helped bust Fat Albert. He is currently a professor of ‘Practice’ at UCSD, which is odd kind of funny.  We both had enjoyed playing baseball in our youth.  He played one more year than I, my talent rant out in high school, his one year into college at Berkley.  It was indeed a privilege to work for him he was so tactically astute I knew we were always coming home no matter the task.  He required ‘forceful back’, you know authorizing politely questioning authority from my Sailors in Nav/Ops Division.  I remember being asked on more than one occasion from the various members of leadership who were more than skeptic, then again that is a trait of a pessimist as well, what happens if this failed, I said without a pause, it won’t fail, there will be hiccups and disappointing outcomes just as we have now, however this just means we have to practice getting better, sir.  See there are lessons learned when losing every game of a baseball season, the most obvious is don’t quit.  When I had a coach in another sport quit at half time, verbally in his pep talk, I never respected him again.  Good guy, but, as a leader you don’t have the privilege of quitting, that is reserved for those who refuse to play, but then again perhaps that is why society is as backwards as it is.


His XO is/was the Head of the Bureau of Personnel, I was his Career Counselor (CC), Assistant Training Officer, Schools Coordinator and one who they both Qualified as an Assistant Navigator of a nuclear powered submarine they gave me a chance, I took it, but didn’t take them up on everything just upon the following principle. Officer/Enlisted was at the time interpreted by myself as Corporate Management and Unions and being a Conservative to the core, for your benefit it was difficult to jump to the corporate side and start over, the side where the orders were followed.  As an enlisted guy not wanting instigate an international incident i took the time to interpret and influence the definition of the criteria (critical requirements) of the whole mission set word for word.  The only thing this Man and I ever argued about, literally was my use of the Oxford comma.  I told him I may not have a college degree, but I was taught by JR and he said it is an acceptable practice in the written American word.  Due to the Draconian cuts in the military budget I was forced in an effort to improve the economy and efficiency of paper to abstain from it’s further use.  Plus I was a fat ass at the time and trying to expand my family not overly concerned with contracting my beltline.  Spending 75% of the time at sea on a submarine will do that too you.


Three pieces of exercise equipment split between 120 folks in a low oxygen environment where you are always sleepy doesn’t encourage one to do more than required in the self care department.  Since honestly we each spent 6 hours caring about everybody else, it is mentally taxing to the point of exhaustion by continuing to exist.  The migraines I would get would be an indicator of an requirement for an O2 bleed, as we were within a percentage or two of being low out of spec.  It’s low for fire suppression, lots of hot stuff with lots of oil in the air, atomized oil has a lower flash point, much like that of gasoline fumes lighting prior to the puddle.  A pill called Midrin was the answer, well after the 800 Mg motrin no longer worked (any correlation with Pfizer’s location in Groton-New London, CT?), it was/is in essence like a prescribed version of speed or meth, increase blood flow since asphyxiation’s first indicator is usually a headache since there was less O2 to carry to the brain via the bloodstream.  I am just glad that pill didn’t get any more hooks in me than my skin, you see at times, like some if not most of us, I have a difficult time achieving sleep from time to time. However I do enjoy it too much to stay awake too long on and without purpose for the task at hand.

I would later find out two very important things, that the machine and all its parts are more important that a person and that side effects to medicine is real. That pill either gave me psoriasis or allowed it to get so bad that it covered everything but my CB&A.  I kid you not.  Thankfully my skin has made a remarkable comeback.  Comparatively speaking I do recall the XO saying one time that it appeared that I was molting while on station during a Westpac.

But now it seems my bones feel like a loud tuning fork.  Which is part of the reason I live in the desert, the less the barometer changes the better and the warmth helps with my gout.  You don’t have to be Dick Goddard to be a meteorologist, but it helps, helps even more if you read Bowditch and Dutton’s and realize how easy his job really is with the all the tools at his disposal.  Weather after all was nothing more that Natures natural patterns and trends until man obtained the ability to make water boil, you probably have one in your kitchen.  First off he had the location and time on his side, it wasn’t like he had to individually contact the various cities to the West to ascertain their current climate in order to anticipate changes in the weather at the CLE.  I mean it is a Science and an Art attempting to tell the future isn’t it?  But if one had knowledge of what occurred in say CHI and about how quick something was moving are there not enough previously established measures of predictive analysis already in use to promote a promulgated theory?

Since we are nothing more than mammal assigned a number, check out your drivers license and SSN card for details.

I mean after all, one must know there limitations, I always miss something that causes a hiccup, i just didn’t realize that was acceptable or even encouraged as an acceptable business practice.  It boggles the brain doesn’t it?  You have to do the mental gym in order to understand all sides of any principled therefore critical requirement.  I mean the stuff I did as a job was admissible in court to prosecute me personally if the vessel was ever to come into extremis, regardless of my being on shift or not, since I was in charge, or with my style of leadership the professional coach of the most professional amateurs I could have been fortunate enough to lead.  Prayer works, I tell you.We lived a Socialist lifestyle for the presumed betterment of this Capitalist Society,  that world has put in one place at one time.   Made some mistakes, had some hiccups, but we kept practicing.  Having never played catcher (only position I didn’t play in HS) before since after trying it out in practice I kept closing my eyes when the bat was swung by my head.  I actually made the request to run the certifiable but certifying course requirement that is the ‘SIMNAV’ Channel successfully for once so that my guys could see what it was like to go through it successfully without all inserting all the failures that required one use skills seldom used but now required as a last ditch effort to save the boat from running aground.  It is difficult to know where you are when you can’t see, our job was to see what others saw with their eyes on a piece of paper known as a chart accurately without running into the mythical edges.  Set and drift (current & tidal interactions) have an odd way of pushing one a direction that you don’t want to be in, but in ways that are not natural for its purpose.  It’s a driving course meant to exercise skills and drill in muscle memory type reactions done by and for ensuring procedural compliance no matter the exterior influences.  The purpose of this exercise was to represent a transit into a river channel, but at the beginning the relative motion of the boat over ground is supplemented by a ever-present push towards the coast line with the on shore flow.  Which is normal but we were going the opposite way, which in government speak is the honest truth about all of its operational patterns.  

I am currently been having a difficult enough time attempting to balance the burden of my critical requirement that is mental compartmentalization now, and am quite confident that adding more would be even more of a continuous challenge.

But the principle of my service was that I was just doing my job to the best of my ability.  Just like my father and the fathers of the folks I grew up with, after all if anything is worth doing one should do it to the best of their abilities shouldn’t they?

For if one didn’t were they not robbing the American taxpayer of their value investing in the common defense?

You see since I was in during the Clinton administration, I am as dirty as their or her private server, since I kind of already was a private server of their past transgressions.


If you had the ability to bury your bodies in the enemies back yard, the folks will be too intimidated or scared to go look for them won’t they?


I was more pissed than inspired and achieved a milestone @ 10 years (after a tax audit by the IRS, thank you WJC & former spouse) when I participated as the CC in the reenlistment of a Sailor that I actually participated in the initial recruiting process of back in Victorville. Talk about going full circle in what six years?  My Shipmate Dave wrote Jason’s contact back in 94, however I prepared his knew one.

Mission over has been running through my head loudly in boondockers (Navy boots) for the last few months, recalling some missions already completed has been a dark turn, having operated absent light the level of darkness I experience is no different than any other persons experience.  Having accepted the challenge with the same commitment that I had to a baseball team that never won a game.  Well except my initial exposure to the absence of light was for months on end, 72days was the longest and over 60 would require the use of my fingers and some of my toes. These were just parts of 6 month deployments, scheduled every 16 months the only Christmas I was home was the last one, after nearly 4.5 years onboard.


However, so far it seems as the mission has yet to be completed.


I apologize your taxes didn’t go down, an efficient government is actually more dangerous than an inefficient one in the end.  Every time it eats it grows larger, much like the Giants recorded in human history.


Once it learns how to eat, that is all it does all the time efficiently on our dime in order to sustain itself at all costs.


Back to the kids on the border issue.

Won’t folks be more likely to approve of more agencies (locu$t$) syphoning off the border now?


Without thinking of the True cost?  Is the juice Truly worth the squeeze?

It’s cause you refuse to do the math that displays the patterns and trends or Our and All times.

Thought this was 2018, not 2014.

A few of the books I have been reading lately are the ‘Crucibles of War’ and ‘The Savage Wars of Peace’, I like to bounce the authors interpretations off of other liberal and conservative historians.  There are many sides to a story after all, more than two and folks get confused in this new digital world.

Perhaps that I why this is all very familiar to me, after doing the math, seeing the patterns, recognizing the trend, I took the time to write them down during the Clinton Administrations’ lame duck term, in an official historical record the Deck Log. Why?  For the enlisted guys who were exposed to stuff they had no clue about and I couldn’t tell them either, but I could write it down for historical reference and as evidence indeed, since how does a government scientifically quantify how much of what chemical is too much for the general John Q Public?  Nothing more than the 50-60’s cycle repeating itself, a little research corroborates and indeed validates that claim.

We are all lab rats at one time of another in our lives, look at the links made to autism from government not only approved but required by mandate inoculations.  Why would the Clinton Administration push a military that he stated he ‘loathed’ be inoculated with the Anthrax series a full three to four years before the incidents at the Congressional Post Office?  To ignore or dismiss these few valid questions without any independent research is like saying the world is round or flat and that the moon landing was a hoax, either way the answers are in the math of energy aren’t they?

Having done the math to actually sail at Lat 0 degrees and Long 180 I have indeed seen your world upside down, or was it inside out?  Your call not mine.


(for you landlubbers Long 180 is the international date line Lat 0 is the equator it is measured surveyed in Degrees, Minutes, and Seconds)


There endith the lesson.


There endith the rant……..

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