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Rant of the Day…





Adventures in People Sitting


The annual excursion to the residence of Ms. Lisa and Mr. Bill for the Birthday celebration extravaganza friends from Phoenix gathered round the pool and imbibed in smoked bacon wrapped pork that has the been the talk of this group of friends for near a half decade. Deliciously smoke and prepared by Mr. Bill. He and I are going to end up in business together. We are likely going to end up trading organic vegetables for meat and charcoal, but I do see a way.


Mr. Bill, thank you kind sir for your evaluation, criticism and support in my vision to effect an educational thought process shift on the relative difference between Liberty and Freedom along with the words Tyranny and Chattel.


Think of it as what is supposed to be an equation has become an inequality in the largest proportions. “Required Services” for safety are being clumped together with “Required” processes tied to other procedures that require excessive administrative burdens be placed upon the project in order to fully justify the costs. In other words you can have this if you do this, oops you must do this and that and no that may no longer occur either. It’s its way or the highway, since it now is paying the bills or being used to balance a budget.  The brush it off as it is no longer their concern it is going to take care of it.  Do you under stand what it is?  Do you know who pays it?  So in the end do you begin to comprehend that it taking care of it is like it fully funding social security, medicare, medicaid, and countless other utopian ideas that in the end don’t add up.  I remind you again Public School Teachers do not pay social security.  In other words, Public needs to be dumbed down and we will pay.


But, here at the decarolsdanger.com blog we don’t just point out the ills or ill will of the controlling constraints placed up on us in polite American society. The solution is to dig up the water system in Flint, MI and start again, until then here let us help the People, since the Government has failed. So in true Buckeye fashion this is what the decarlosdanger.com page has done. The page has partnered with EverGreenCoin.org to donate as many pallets of water to the residents especially the kids of Flint, MI as possible.


So from now until Independence Day, 90% or more of every donation made to the decarlodanger.com will be donated to the EverGreenCoin.org Flint Michigan Water Crowdfund effort up to $1,000 USD. You read that correct if you donate the decarlosdanger.com page 90% between now and July 4th will be donated to the Flint, Michigan and its citizens by way of clean drinking water. Through the EverGreenCoin.org’s Crowdfund, get involved in this project by donating to the decarlosdanger.com page or log on to EverGreenCoin.org or click the picture below.


EGC Flint Water Crisis Crowdfund



My compliments to the many You tubers out there who provide a great QC on my own assessments made with information gained. I hope that soon this will be a resource for others who desire Liberty, Peace, Tolerance, and a chance at working towards some Prosperity, which is nothing more than increasing your personal Value, read, learn, do.


Hence the decarlosdanger garden, first garden I have planted in my life, it isn’t about being ready for the end of the world. Its about taking something of Value (larger here in the desert than most) water, and mixing it with some dirt/compost 640 lbs of it at 4.65, 12”x 2” x 10’ with assoc end clips for easy assembly, total 60, seed 4 @ .97 and 4 @ 2.00 all organic (reseed), add blood, sweat, and tears and sit back and wait for it.

Why so I think this is this a smart move? A Self-sustaining garden with a grow season 9 months long vs the pending 15 dollars an hour minimum wage. So meeting the criteria of producing food to offset the cost of everything else, all it takes is a lot of effort and diligent watering. Yeah, I got to plant some vegetables to attract some meat to shoot, and feed myself along the way since shit is going to get real pricy really fast. I am seeing soup kitchens that classify folks by the last digit of their SSN, just like they did with cars in the 70’s during the gas crisis, yeah I don’t think they pay the National Guard enough to do that. That will be the rub, the hope, the chance, the shift.


Hence the trailer by the water near the fish thoughts of not so long ago.


There endith the rant……


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