Rant of the Day…….. 2JUL17                       When we all own it……..

Rant of the Day……..




When we all own it……..



Peace to all and much Love to my enemies. Wonderful day yesterday spent with the Wife exploring Sierra Vista and enjoying the warm weather. Bikes were ridden early and often into the evening hours even.


Many compliments to the staff of the City of Sierra Vista on creating a welcoming atmosphere at Len Roberts Park in the old Fry Township or Fry Town site. I would apologize for bringing my clippers, figuratively anyway, the amount of wool placed in front of folks’ eyes is disturbing. I am extremely happy that I attended, I am happy that I was able to make sense to a Man that I respect and look up to, I am happy I was able see the Chief of Police again. I keep saying this but, in my opinion, we are blessed to have someone like him leading the PD and refereeing right from wrong in a world that truly is up side down.


Once upon a time in the City of Sierra Vista, AZ, on one of those really long weekends when people are more likely to be traveling, the City holds a party for folks in Fry Town, occupying each of the Ramada’s (*rental rates went up this budget) for Propaganda dissemination on how much better it is to be a resident of the Great State of Arizona and the City of Sierra Vista. There is little doubt that the services provided by the City are outstanding and most likely cost saving as well. Plus the City has a staff of great people who do good quality work.


But when problems arise…..


I truly hate to quote the Ghost Busters’ but I kind of have too.


“Who ya gonna call??”


Right now they can call Pat Call. One person elected by the masses or sheeple in this case and he is responsible to them to provide some sort of acknowledgement to address their concern, grievance or he may chose to ignore it. But, he is accountable at the ballot box to these folks. The City of Sierra Vista’s political arrangement is sort of like the park, when everyone owns it, no one does. You see what the People of Fry Town are trading in order to receive services is their geographic representation that is in specific and accountable to them. That is a pretty fair assessment of what is going on.


Follow my logic. The City is governed with a City Manager who manages the complex day to day operations of “Overseer In Charge” the Manager provides a vision to the Council that the Council takes to the People and solicits input. Well in a perfect world that would be the way that it works, however, based upon interactions with a few members and listening to what they say and how they say it on videos of their work sessions it appears they are playing SimCity with our sleepy little town. It’s a booming place during war, but sleepy and broke when the Peace Pipe is passed, more on this later. Since the local government has firmly placed its lips around the Teet of the Drone Factory down the road. Sucking and contorting to get every last bit of monetary value out of it and each of us, no one can deny that this town only grows during times of war, it is as if there is a little Pentagon out here or something.


I regress, Sim City and the view of this side of town, you know the one on the other side away from the half empty Mall, or hospital, err. It has created conditions that will not only allow a continued huge growth in the government sector for decades. Its as if the City was ol’ Rummy right before 9/11, hey we are broke everything we had is beyond worthless, now, but those chest pains you are feeling well we have to take you down by the river you see the new hospital is beautiful, however its geography is a real loser for most of the folks. It went from being in the middle of town, equidistant to most within the City limits and Metropolitan areas of Greater Sierra Vista and Fort Huachuca. The Transit Station is down the street from the old hospital, perfect placement. Now the hospital has moved, the City can’t afford its Transit System as it currently is structured, and the Peace Pipe is being passed around the world.


Oh, the Manager guy, seems like an honest good guy, but he has been operating a pretty good and very successful psych op campaign down here for a couple of decades. Much respect to the keeper of the keys, however, the clockmaker has its own set as well, he sends his regards and reminds you of your oath.

POLITICS in CODE ENFORCEMENT TERMS OF 12, just like a Preacher did it.


So imagine if you will the following interpretation of politics in the Sonoran Desert, or as my former Mother-in-Law would say “Semi-arid plateau”. A town outside the gates of the last conquests on the continental United States, Geronimo, Cochise, Mexican Wars and all and everything since. A town, excuse me city, pardon me Metropolitan Area, I kid you not, Sierra Vista, Douglas Metroplex full of cattle, people, illegal aliens just passing through, therefore human smuggling operations, and don’t forget the drugs, since without the drugs the Feds don’t really have a job and its associated wastes. So a seven member elected panel one Mayor, a Mayor Pro Tem (think Councilmember at Large) , and five other Councilmembers at Large, in a city of 50,000 (their required # to get and keep the fed dollars rolling in), provide direction to the Manager of THE CITY (I know, just trying to make the requisite point (.)). So the City Council is like a City park in this way, “When everyone ones it, no one does.” Which is excellent if fear of corruption compelled the structure of this type of government, hint your fear may be realized, but plausibly deniable, folks, that is what makes it so ripe, at least plausibly ripe. Plausibly ripe for what have you, but accountable to no one, since it is accountable to everyone, in doing so it picks the winners and losers, when it does that it enslaves the “Free Market” does it not? Controlling the market in an area isolated like The Sierra Vista-Douglas Metroplex, I just love writing that, since it is not plausible but a reality. Is in a sense like being isolated in the desert, in a city that has a goal of purchasing a Water Co. Life is about one person trying to improve their value by acquiring something that someone else already has, in my book that is theft, but when government does it is NORMAL and EXPECTED. This perception must change, a paradigm shift if you will. A LEGALITY does not make something JUST nor moral, a LEGALITY is a LOOPHOLE for the “Well Versed” of the “Split Tongue” and government. It is a way it can justify its existence, and demonstrate them upon demand, think measures of performance, like in the Blue’s Brothers escape from JUSTICE and LAW AND ORDER.


So, any who, the Family attended a CITY sponsored function at the Local to me owned by no one, City Park, I would like to thank the Patriot who posted it on Facebook, without that information I never would have seen the PROPAGANDA machine in action. Got to meet some great folks both Private individuals and Public Servants, we live in a wonderful world and safe society, even with all the aforementioned stuff above.


Yes, it is more efficient all around if FRY TOWN joins the City. It begs the question why does FRY TOWN exist in the first place does it not? Someday maybe I will do some research on it. However, in doing so, that is joining the city, LIBERTY is being sacrificed and representation drastically reduced. The Good People needed to hear it, for if it did not come my mouth, I would have been “Potential”, you know the fat guy on the couch eating chips watching TV talking to himself.


Strategic practice and thinking is an art that most do not have the patience to learn let alone employ, it requires isolation, stresses, and “a perceived award”.


There are many like it, but this one is mine, and can never own it.


There momentarily, endith the rant…..


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