Rant of the Day (s)…. 10-11JUN18 Refuse to Recycle Old Ideas


Rant of the Day (s)….




Refuse to Recycle Old Ideas


To all who read this, Greetings, may Our Creator watch over you and provide you with righteous and just blessings.  Made it to chapter 8 in Crucibles of War, interesting book, if it wasn’t published in 2000 when our OPTEMPO during Peacetime, well then again the Papa Bush’s War never ended so that gives It a shadow to hide in, well it seemed a bit excessive.  But, when you cut the Fleet, and do not cut but expand the missions, how else do you expect the math to work out?  Now can you understand the True meaning of the 3rdVerse of the Star Spangled Banner that caused all the hub-bub in recent times?


In other news, The Cleveland Indians are hiring an Analyst for studying patterns of life of future High Value Targeted Customers.  I got an in, if you apply be sure to make sure to mention on the cover letter that decarlosdanger from the CoIST project referred ya.  How does one statistically align their performance in order to demonstrate an ability to communicate a concept or idea with a solution provided by government (militarily speaking) that mitigated multiple threats to American Volunteers in the US military, in regards to being harmed by a popular, inexpensive, and plentiful on the free market IED material.  When you attack a network, understanding the funding structure is key.  Not just where the money comes from which is obvious as the nose on your face, but where it goes and how it is distributed, sometimes by using percentages, or other means of distributed analysis.

In either case, use of charts displaying the methods used by the analysts to visually display the calculated courses of action required can indeed be helpful in the solicitation of corrective actions required to manage whatever particular situation one can find them self in.  I have always been a fan of vin diagrams, they display the effort and all of its over lap, which oddly enough at times turn out to be a critical requirement of the opposition.  It’s a know or you better be learning the culture you are working with (dealing and it ain’t black jack) to bring in a supposed brighter future.  One future that will be brighter is our own, especially when we start to pull back our folks from bases far and wide.  But pay attention when this happens, notice that the areas of occupation may be drastically reduced, will never be eliminated. Vicenza, Italy is an excellent example of this most likely course of action.  History repeats, not just in military terms, but it is the military terms that cause the cycle of business to churn as well.  How do you get people to surrender their acquired value?  Fear!!!  Sell the protection, which no matter how you cut it is a racket of course, if we did it we would be extortionist, but legal when done by the government.  Truly, the saddest part is that the military is being used as Uncle Paulie when the folks who borrowed can’t pay, think in the most international of international ways, to be a Prophet one only needs to follow the profit.  Why are folks fighting in Africa?  Before answering, I would remind you all wars are about trade, whether it be the Value of a Life or the dollar, someone or group assigned a monetary Value to Life, so even though Slavery was abolished, monetarily it indeed still exists, right in front of your eyes and we all missed it.  It really isn’t that complicated it’s just that the distractions tend to make one violate rule #1 of baseball.  Have the foreknowledge and presence to know what do I do if the ball is hit to me?


Back on the topic of rate increases for trash and recycling services for the residents of Sierra Vista, Arizona.  I previously posted an email that I sent to the entire council regarding the distribution of the federally funded Community Development Block Grant Funds (CDBG). This letter will be sent in a more calculated method in an effort to play or use the correct CHORD alignment (bubbleheads get the joke) of most likely common ground or as close as current and future pressure calculations would indicate.


Allow me to explain my selection of just whom this email shall, honestly has already been sent.


Honorable Councilman Craig Mount



-running in opposition to current establishment Mayor and Mayoral candidate


-open minded enough to take into consideration that rights of way within the city limits extend into folks back yards and placing a cell tower repeater there may and most likely will cause harm to the current and future residents of those locations.



-Neutral, as a candidate for mayor he will be required to choose his points of disagreement wisely, since if anyone watches or attends the council meetings there appears to be enough already to cause a division or large shift in the local electorate.  It really is a chicken or the egg type argument, which local folks might get a chuckle out of.



-has yet to grasp the historical reasons why trash was at one time picked up twice a week through right of ways, aka alleys.  It was accomplished in order to keep the varmint population from digging through folks old steel trash cans and the plastic or paper bags placed inside of them.

-With the advent of the plastic, semi-sealed containers that won’t keep all animals out but will most varmints, and the disuse of the alleys for trash collection, perhaps keeping at one time the plague away from the doorstep of the US Army was its intended purpose?

-Could the space age technology known as plastic be the cause of a reduction of force to the enterprising funds of government also known as a monopolies?


Known Unknown

–not present at recent vote for refuse rate increase, business dealings in Texas used as an excuse.  On this vote, sadly (in order to be incompetiton for the 600+ votes of the government to include families of the establishment(s) within the borders of the CITY of Sierra Vista) he gave the citizens the business of government, in true political fashion.


Known Known

–He can count.  That is between 10% and 20% of the votes he will require to be elected Mayor and turn the establishment on its ear.


Honorable Councilwoman Kristine Wolfe



-She was the only member of council at the meeting in late May of ’18 to attempt to dig deeper into the logic used and reasons provided for the miscalculation or requirement for increased burden on the citizens for the service of taking their trash away.


-She is a business owner (bar-restaurant) that actually expressed concern why commercial accounts were not increased to cover the lack of revenue required with the increase on tipping fees at the COUNTY run, but 97% of the use and therefore tab covered by the CITY, landfill.


-Her thought patterns have indicated that she is not a rubber stamp to new burdens to the taxpayer.  She appears to be able to digest the information in ways that obviously display better ways of doing the government service business (aka a monopoly) in order to give the taxpayer the most bang for their buck.


-She voted as the only voice of reason, against the trash rate increase.



-Currently undecipherable.  Obviously she represents the mom and pop’s business community, creating Value, but what else?


-Business is on the West End and she abstains from votes regarding redevelopment.  She see’s people and takes the time to speak with them.





-Mentioned above her business is on the West End of town, other than that her open display of questioning the authority can be labeled as anything other than a drawback.  Especially when the Mall of Sierra Vista is currently only occupied by Subway.


Known Unknown

-As a private business owner many calculated risks require alignment and trust in order to facilitate future business growth.  Since that is private business it is not any of my business, but inquiring minds might want to know, train of thought.


Known Known

-Coming up on half way through her first term and she has served the citizens well on the few occasions when petitions are made from or by the citizens about matters made Public.  She can run a business in lean times, perhaps she can assist in leaning the machine known as local government as well?


Honorable Councilwoman Alicia Ash



-She is a young lady who has disagreed with me on some past issues, but has taken actions that display the she is still open minded enough to engage and exchange ideas.



-She appears not to be running for reelection


-Representing the millennial’s and youth, perhaps she can be able to see the potential of a different path for their future.



-Youthful naiveté, still stuck in the order out of chaos paradigm.


-Not running for reelection


-Inability to see the bigger picture, yet.  I have faith it will happen.


Known Unknown

-Due to scheduling conflicts with educational and occupational responsibilities she is at times delayed or absent from meetings.  Not her fault, her initial responsibilities are to those that fund her salary, her employer.  Or is it when you are an elected member of a City Council?  Well the salary of being on the Council is minimal, I would almost be willing to increase their salaries and cut the staffs in order to create some chaos for new order to be made out of.


Known Known

-she has intolerance (honestly ignorance) of the local history of the Ft Huachuca-Sierra Vista-Fry-Buena, which is odd since she is a graduate of the local Public School System.


-Buffalo Soldiers (Post Civil War Soldiers of Color) were sent to the least comfortable let alone survivable place on the continent to conquer the local Tribes or Bands of Natives.  Do not lose sight on the geographical location of the fort, in elevation and size, scope, and water source.

-She is the wildcard of those selected for the mailing, being appointed Mayor Pro Tem, she owes the Mayor a little something, something and politically it is not fully yet understood.


Honorable Councilwoman Gwen Calhoun



-She voted against the City Manager receiving 10 more days a year of paid time off compensation.


-She supported a motion by Ms. Wolfe to have more hearings on the subject of increases of refuse, though it did not pass.


-Perhaps she saw this coming?



-Addressed her personally about bike racks and sewers in Our shared neighborhood.  Unable to persuade at that time, however, she has made addresses that complimented addresses made by citizens during ‘Call to the Public’ portion of City Council meetings.


-There might be an unseen opportunity here.



-None currently detected on the subject of refuse/trash.


Known Unknown

-Is a member of organizations in local area, the political and financial influence (business) of these organizations are not just noticeable, but historically and monetarily traceable if one takes the time to do a little math.  While this is not negative nor positive, it must be taken into account, for if not one will be barking up the wrong tree.


Known Known

-Represents the community in ways not seen in the Public eye


-Saw her at a readjustment meeting dealing with the opioid epidemic now sweeping the country.


-Her vote against the raise in compensation for the City Manager should be compiled into a political highlight reel, she made the Mayor’s head turn left at near break neck speed.



This is the email that was sent…………..




Honorable Councilwoman Alicia Ash,                      Alesia.Ash@SierraVistaAZ.gov

Honorable Councilwoman Gwen Calhoun,                         Gwen.Calhoun@SierraVistaAZ.gov

Honorable Councilman Craig Mount,                      Craig.Mount@SierraVistaAZ.gov

Honorable Councilwoman Kristine Wolfe,                Kristine.Wolfe@SierraVistaAZ.gov




Honorable Members of City Council,


Thank you for your dedication to our wonderful town here in the beautiful semi-arid plateau region of the Sonoran Desert.


Last month, the City placed responsibility (blame) on the County and even the Chinese for the increase in trash rates (participation tax) for City Residential consumers.


I remind you that the initial statement (claim of need) made by the City and Our Public Servants during the first work session in which the looming rate increase was discussed, was placed squarely upon loss of, or the amount of declining Commercial accounts, I do hope you can recall meeting.







These are indeed troubling patterns and trends when looked at from this perspective.


If the reduced amount of commerce (taxed trade of commodities within city limits) is an area of concern, a known culprit so to say for The City and its trash and recycling (sewer as well) Enterprises (Monopolies), and the post consumer removal of waste (trash/refuse in this case) and reusable materials (recycling) business model works best when it is running at near to full capacity, how is that accomplished?  Is it not obvious that this condition hasn’t existed lately based upon statements made from the City and the documented revenue (participation/usage tax) decline?  If so and we all agree to see it, how can a group of professionals, highly compensated relative to mean income of City residents, miss it completely?


Unless the City, perhaps, and in this case without speculation, was or is friction point that created the need for a solution from the beginning?  In this case the City Manager and the Chair of the Landfill organization responsible for increasing the tipping fees are indeed the same person, but possibly in excess of three different corporate entities?  How are the users of the City service represented in the decision making process other than providing each of you the opportunity to say ‘yea’ or ‘na’ on how much it costs?  There just seems like a more efficient or better way to conduct business is all.


This isn’t robbing Peter to pay Paul, this is bordering on Paulie from Goodfella’s business requirements and other prearrangement techniques.  Since when it comes to sewer and trash we all must pay to have it taken away.


In a manner of forewarning, as if Council had been put on notice, the Staff plainly stated that It, the City, the dastardly County, and the Landfill rate making folks mandate[ers] of the price of environmentally approved waste disposal will require them to be back next year, for up to 15% more.


(Can we have Mr. Potuchek were different hats or jackets like a race car driver during Council Meetings? It might assist the good folks watching on youtube at home or attending the meetings in in person.  The assistance would be primarily on allowing for the comprehending of just what organization he represents when he makes statements about the various governmental enterprises he represents us each in.  Which up until recently were considered profitable, perhaps by design it being budget season and all, and were separate and equally fiscally solvent?  You must admit it would have helped with the required deciphering associated with the recent trash rate boondoggle.)


The indicators on the wall mean the following: that our trash will have gone up between $45-$75 in a two year span, for fixed income folks who budget to live this will indeed adversely impact their ability to consume goods to create the very refuse the City provides a service to haul away.  This reduces the likelihood that the City will collect taxes placed upon sales of items procured at market.  Which will reduce the General Fund simultaneously.  That is not balanced, it is heavily weighted or burdened on both sides, if it were a wooden teeter-totter the plank would be bowed or split based upon the distribution of the burdens to entry and in this case exit, at the ends.  Can you imagine that illustration?  Sorry I have found that the best way to express ideas to correct perceived complex problems is to make the problem as simple as possible to understand.


Only after the City also charged for the privilege of the transaction to take place, in order to be placed in the General Fund and be distributed, as shown on.  Or could it be that folks travel out of the zip code, don’t pay local sales tax and we as a citizenry are charged to bury the waste and recycle the cardboard (corrugated only no others allowed)?  These questions I do not have the answer too, however, with a little reasoning and deductive logic assessments can be made in support or against such trains of thought.  However, let us not forget that the exchange of ideas is always a magical thing, even when and perhaps at its greatest potential when done while in complete in disagreement.  But, only when you listen beyond merely hearing.


While I applaud our Public Servants for having the fortitude to identify financial short falls, no one amongst the leadership from the department head to manager levels has claimed the problem as their own, nor has any member amongst the leadership provided input to assist Council in the mitigation of the sinking of the Refuse Enterprise Fund in Titanic like fashion.  Deductive reasoning leads me to this train of thought. No one wants to be the department that lays people off.  Since no one will take the lead on this, perhaps recommendations or requests made by you, Our Elected Representation, to specifically address or perhaps suggest methods that can be used to reduce the overhead burden being placed squarely upon a dwindling population and associated commercial base?  The City claims, that it has reduced the amount of Public Servants by 1/5ththrough attrition, but also is proud it has not laid off a single employee.

“During the most difficult years of the recession, the City was able to balance its budget without laying-off a single employee, nor reducing any salaries. This year’s budget includes the classification and compensation plan that was adopted in 2015.”

Page 5

Human resources

Employees are a key resource of the City. Given the importance they play in service delivery, the City wishes to attract and retain quality personnel. Two key factors employees, and potential employees, look at when deciding whether to stay at or come work for the City are the wages and growth opportunities it offers. Therefore, the City shall pay a competitive market wage and develop and maintain an employee development program.

The City shall maintain a class and compensation plan and shall periodically update said plan and make every effort to stay competitive and strive to fund the plan.

The City shall review its organizational structure annually to ensure efficient service delivery.

Page 32


Perhaps we could start with the word service in the last sentence above, define it, and use it as a principal to further define a direction based upon measures of effectiveness, vice measures of performance.  Effectiveness is results focus, instead of the cost of admission so to say, in a true pay to play interpretation, for the performance of the required task.  A chicken or the egg argument, I know, but this after all is about exchanging ideas, nothing more, nothing less.


It is understood that City Enterprise Funds (Monopolies) are individual accounts associated (and therefore managed) with each separate service.  However, if the City can bill us for trash and sewer on the same piece of paper in an effort to provide superior efficient service, why can it not then in an effort to expand the superior efficient serve distribute the collected user fees (taxes) in a manner that covers the shortfalls with the surpluses of the other, even from perhaps the reserve (slush) fund of the other?  Since at one time the finances were already intermingled to begin with?  Perhaps we should combine trash and poo prior to flushing any hope of containing further growth in the local government?  Opportunity for removal of duplication of effort after all it is post consumer waste products after all.  You see, I freely admit that I do not know everything, however this I do know, where ever humans are there will be post consumption waste due to biological facts or to post market transaction associated materials.


(If you have read this far, thank you.  If we are in agreement on any part of this letter up until this point great, since it all applies to this next statement and question.  If not, that is ok too, just please continue as what follows is the crux of the arguement)


A Specific Information Requirementis a specific candid question that honestly in a warfighters sense and John Q Public sense deserves and requires a fully explained and correctly accounted for answer (solution).  That will assist in answering a broader question such as, what could be causing the increase of our collective financial burden for maintaining services while the Operational and Maintenance requirements to provide the services are becoming less burdensome?


How can then the City anticipate as boost in sales tax revenue(+6%)?


Especially while freely admitting a dramatic decline in user-fee (taxed) commercial activities and its associated waste (refuse) from its stated 13,000 residential customer base? 


Perhaps the tipping fee increase at the landfill (a 97% City stake) was to justify the O&M costs or more likely accomplished to ensure personnel cuts were not made at the County due to a decline in total tonnage in the system that claims it maintains it running at capacity in order to be a profitable business enterprise?  How can we as a City with a 97% stake in the operation of the landfill be more proactive in reducing the cost of its operation?  Well removing recycling from the tonnage reduced the amount of material entering it, but somehow it will now cost more to empty the reduced tonnage, by increasing the entrance fee to the tipping yard.  Kabuki theatre at its finest, designed for you to take your eye off of the prize, which is or should be conducting government business in the most efficient way feasible, in order to reduce the burden on the taxpayer.  Now wonder, the Manager has said on more than one occasion that ‘Refuse is a dirty business’, since it openly displays the inefficiencies of government no matter which layer observed, when it attempts to operate a private business or in this case a commercial enterprise without concern for the bottom line.


A reduction in operational and maintenance costs should also be evident in the personnel costs associated with the very operations and maintenance of the equipment used to complete the task, should it not?  After all, the personnel are employed to operate and maintain the machines to provide a Public Service, in the form of a governmental service or mandated enterprise, which can honestly without hesitation be called a monopoly.


Sewers, Trash, and Recycling, are after all, no matter how you slice it are services provided for the removal of post consumption and the wastes associated with the consumption (sales taxed trade) of goods obtained from the market, are they not?


I am sorry for the length of this letter, I indeed at times can blather on, for that I apologize. However, I came across this little nugget of information on the fridayfocusmorningshow and would highly recommend if not request each of you to listen to it.



(**whole show is always very informative, minutes 30-45 are enlightening in this episode)



I may be incorrect, but by appearances due to my prior occupations, the refuse rate increase at the County, endorsed by the City and mandated by some of your votes may have created some 2ndand 3rdorder of effects that you may have not considered or even be aware.  It may not be the initial or exact cause, but adding fuel to the fire usually isn’t the right answer, unless you are attempting to create a true vacuum, in an effort to extinguish the source by eliminating its ability to scientifically exist.


Thank You for you time, I hope we have been able to exchange ideas in some way shape or form, since that is the important thing.  I hope this finds you in good health and at peace.


Very Respectfully,

Your Constituent,

Michael DeCarlo

Sierra Vista, AZ 85635


May the Love and Peace of the Almighty Creator bestow upon each of you the peace, joy, and love that indeed makes life special.

There endith the rant….

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