Rant of the Days (been in reflection)…… 08MAR18 Calling all Landlubbers!!!

Rant of the Days (been in reflection)……




Calling all Landlubbers!!!




Ye be warned by the human ‘resources’ department prior to further reading of this humble tome that we be and see the same, but from angles and reasons that bring one to hum the tune, ‘A Pirates Life for Me’. Which leads me to this tib bit of utter hilariousness that I mention below. The only thing missing is a Church and it screams America!! Or built in condition for the propagation of fear than guns and booze. This was originally going to be a facebook reply to one of OUR Councilman in the CITY of SIERRA VISTA, ARIZONA. Which is a CITY and corporation which exists for folks who retired from or work on/for the US Gov’t directly or indirectly in the military industrial complex. It is the Military Intelligence Center Of Excellence (MICOE) for the Army, or as I prefer to call it the origination of the “OFFICIAL” Lie, distributed at 0400, I have learned. If you all have yet to discover the group Anonymous, Anons, and QAnon I urge you to do some research and grow intellectually.


Symbolism being what it is the letter “Q” is interesting is it not? What is a “Q”? Is it a dash with a circle? Is it a circle with a dash? If it is a circle it never ends, but that is an “O” –“OH”-“IO”–!! So is a “Q” chosen since it interrupts a ‘cycle’? Which kind of ‘cycle’ would be required to be maintained if this “Q” represented an interruption? These are the thoughts that of a ball player from Pittsburgh would think of if he kept his eye on the ball and thought about what he should do if the ball is hit to him.


Not wanting to be too much of a smart ass, well there is a meeting tonight, so good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise and not wanting to blow the opportunity for a good joke while addressing larger issues such as speculative spending while tariffs are increasing on steel and its effects on the ancillary manufacturing and import (to here on the border) costs associated, etc. The meeting is at 5pm tonight youtube live streamed.


Let me set this up a bit. My street was voted to be removed from the town in a 8:1 margin in 2004, so I am in tune with the local politic for the mere reason of survival.

This is just my humble assessment having lived in other military towns that were one trick ponies, sort of like Groton, CT (subs), Cleveland OH (tanks), Sierra Vista, AZ (lies with eyes that flies) etc.


The CITY has over expanded, doing so in a manner that places nearly as many folks whose homes were built after a lawsuit about water was filed by some group. The compromise at the time I bought my house was home built prior to 1988, or the end of the cold war, would have water. Since this town was built in an effort to defeat the Soviet Union, I mean the Fort is at the highest elevation in town and everything rolls down hill even in the desert folks. It just dries up faster in layers and makes great fertilizer but causes asthma and pneumonia in children who play on fields built over them in the effort of paving over the past.


There is a redevelopment plan for the West End of town that did business not with the Buffalo Soldier, only one of those building remains, it’s wooden so when it gets burned down redevelopment will be complete. So the proposal is to make the empty business district prettier so that when the next conflict occurs, which we all no will happen since the folks down the street need to keep their jobs, higher rents may and will be charged by the owners of the buildings the CITY will get more tax receipts all on the taxpayers’ dime of course. Since it costs too much for private entities to do it by themselves or they obviously would have done so by themselves. But it most not be profitable at the current time do to what we can all call ‘market conditions’.


The head of the Community Development Department is a great guy, a hard worker, but from Michigan. He has been in local ‘GOV’s’ in Florida prior to coming here. I didn’t post this, I hope that you may find the humor in it.

Only thing missing is the Church

Wow, CITY publishing advertising this is too funny.


Agree with the bricks. They look 1955 Detroit, Chicago, or Orlando like. Not indigenous or historically reflective of the military heritage published in the ‘vision statement’ quoted in the introduction, though this photo does. Often times government documents have their own funny pages. i am here all week tell your friends. you can’t make this stuff up.


Thanks for posting Craig, interesting read and a very professionally drafted document all and all. Especially the integration of goals, are those prioritized numerically? Hope it creates a little discussion about cost estimates with the new steel tariffs. Also, pay as you go, begs the question, where we going next?


Perhaps we should slow the roll or throttle our collective spending, our s’mall’ is pretty lean, we can’t afford our cops retirements already, welcome folks in BLUE to the VA model ladies and gentlemen, ‘H2O’ litigation drags on, and It wants more?

Move to Arizona!!!  Get your guns and booze, but don’t smoke pot since that would be criminal.

God be with you all.

Go chickens!!!




There endith the rant.

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