Rave of the Day…. 08JUN18 Patriots telling their Truth

Rave of the Day…


Patriots telling their Truth

Ohhhhhhhhh, say can you “C”?



You might not know this but the television is used for consuming sports competitions, historical documentaries or docudramas  for decarlosdanger.  Rarely do I plant myself infront of its programming, regardless of the channel of choice presented.  With the following exceptions, sporting events involving the Ohio State Buckeyes, Cleveland Indians or Cleveland Cavaliers during playoff season.  I guess I will watch the Cleveland Browns if forced to by my wife, however, I do believe I would do so willingly if say Ozzie Newsome or someone of his stature was the General Manager.  That being said, the Cavs are down 0-3 to the folks from tree land, and there is actually plenty of human interest stories going on around Cochise, Santa Cruz, and Pima Counties in regards to trafficking of people, most likely small innocent children.

With that in mind, I will paste some videos from Youtube in here for background information, and also paste in an organization that is working diligently towards ending such terrible acts of violence.


Vets 4 Child Rescue





The Patriot Hour




anyone know who manufactures this here thingy?  Arms Export violations anyone?  The FCC doesn’t need to do any background the NSA has it covered already.


Other youtube channels to check out:


Don’t always agree with them, however, it is about the exchange of ideas, not dictate from upon high.


Steve Motley

BP Earthwatch

Lori Colley

Justinformed Talk

Michael Trimm


You Are Free TV


There are more, just let your mind take you on your research journey.


There is no longer a need to keep your eyes shut, open them and your mind as well.


There endith the rave……..

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