Rave of the Day… 25JUN18 Amplifying Information

Rave of the Day…


Amplifying Information


Ran across a couple of like minded, well mostly like minded younger folks this last we on this app called discord. It’s like “The View” but entertaining (for the most part) and without all the commercials. There were a few fellas I intersected conversations with that have you tube channels that I would recommend.

First off is #SeekingtheTruth he has had an established internet presence for quite awhile and speaks the Truth as he seeks it.

You can see his channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHrDpTVL9S0h91u9UCPgVbA

He is having another show tonight and I might try and swing by for listen. Very informative stuff out there folks.

I also met a fella named Jonathan, he has a youtube channel as well, Veterans, he is of our frequency, he calls it the ‘vibe’ you can find his channel here:

Third on the list of interesting characters Jeremiah Harding (maybe Tonya’s Cousin?) a very intelligent, passionate, self proclaimed anarchist. Well spoken, and well organized. I has difficulty using google hangouts so I missed some of the conversation but the entire video is available here:

More shouts out go to Skip who oddly enough is geolocated with me, you can check out his profile and find him on Twitter here: @thefreerifleman

There were a few more interesting characters, but one thing I did learn was that I need a notebook, to keep track of a lot of divergences and information.  Since I tend to forget.

Hope to hear some of them tonight.  If they can get past the hangman.

There endith the Rave……

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