The Internet and Social Media, The Tool of the People?

Being stricken with near continuous pain as either a by product of gout, or the disease itself has provided me with the opportunity scribe some of my thoughts, hopefully in a way that entertains the reader, no matter the political persuasion, but entertain in a way that informs. Informs what? How about just to the edge of the point to where you must ask yourself why, of course. The why and how it is phrased is up to you. To quote some folks on social media, “How far down that rabbit hole do you want to go?” Since, if you honestly enjoy political discourse with folks, since you can’t do it at work, in a church, or a bar where people congregate daily, would it be via the largest most efficient dispenser of information ever devised by mankind, that would be a great place to start, would you not agree?

Information on the Internet that the mass media, its direct competitor, routinely discredits, ah, but whom is the mass media really, honestly, at its very core, discrediting? The people of course, your neighbors, your sons, and daughters, and indeed you through censoring what is going on “In your neck of the woods” so to speak. It’s not in the cards, or the envelopes full of cash anymore, those advertising dollars. But the government will sell your video to a company and they will turn it into entertainment, for your viewing pleasure, on COPS. That makes absolutely no sense to me.

Or is our press, actually fighting back, filtering through its mass media operational centers, providing the government its opportunity to speak directly to its citizens? Conversing directly to you via the medium that hypnotizes and desensitizes the masses, through a profitable propaganda campaign? Wow, that would be something wouldn’t it?

You see, when the pain gets this bad that my mobility is confined to hobbling from place to place without the ability to distract ones mind, the brain goes back to a time when that was the accepted norm. The true kicker for me is that I know I don’t know everything, and I mentally shift into a time in my life when been being ignorant was no excuse for being for being incorrect, as it gets you nowhere in life, in fact it possibly could end others. Your either brought what you needed to entertain yourself, or were sometimes motivated to acquire more knowledge, in order to become a more valued asset to the Crew, and there by provided with opportunities that fostered professional growth. You see no matter the profession the more value you have, the more experiences and influence you gain as well, well at least in an authoritarian dictatorship that is the military.

You can Lead with knowledge and truth, no matter the explanation, not matter the complexity, knowledge and truth are vital requirements in preserving a representative Republic. The acquisition of this information or knowledge through the Internet, from various sources, hopefully independent from each other, with various political ideologies, cannot be trusted. It has been labeled “Fake News”, by the true purveyors of deceit, those not too lazy to do their jobs, but not allowed to do it in such a way to actually bring light to the darkness that are the corrupt practices of our ruling elite. All because there is no money in it, or is it that through the various redactions used, a certain accepted norm of journalism discretion is required to censor, or even distract, the reader from the true root of the problem, instead of displaying the symptoms over and over until numbing our minds completely to the point that we believe that there is no hope?

The Main Stream Media (MSM), the folks that accurately have predicted the will of, We The People, through the outcome of the Presidential election cycles incorrectly since 2000, yeah we can trust them. Its not that they were wrong, it’s that they repeatedly have been wrong, that’s a pattern and trend is it not? But, trust them they say, it was just a mistake, won’t happen again, and again, and again.

The older I get the more I am becoming a fan of musical artists. The words they spoke years ago, in their devil music, if listened to beyond the instrumental performances, are similar to some of the prophetical verses from the Bible, not to get all churchy with you. The reason that I mentioned the Good Book, is that it is documented history of Mankind through a perspective, much as the arts are and can be put in a similar perspective of documenting the sufferings of man, through out recorded history. One from the Good Book, the other from the devils music, and the other from annals of recorded history, documented by whom, the winners of course. So we are forced to choose, how can one maintain one’s Faith in Divine Providence, and be able to read and interpret the recorded documents of the winners, and their dissenters (enter musical artists and that devil music here) as well, of every world conflict in the documented history of MAN?

Ok, before my list gets too long let us review where my idle body has taken me on this night and morning with pain so intense that I can barely move with the assistance of a cane.

1. Pain management and a possible link to the War on Drugs.
2. Journalism is failing to do its job of informing the Public of what the Government wants to do to us, or is it being sold to us as entertainment right under our noses?
3. The mass media can be used to promote a propaganda campaign that is eerily similar to methods used by, I don’t know, the Communist USSR. But is it?
4. Knowledge is power, there is more computing power in the palm of your hands than there was available to send a man to the moon.
5. With knowledge comes the truth, your truth, prepare to defend it with facts and details, if it is The Truth persuasion will occur as no one wants to be wrong and therefore a liar.
6. Liars and business go hand in hand, but why must liars and government be discounted as the price of doing business with unwanted thieves whose presence is neither required nor desired?
7. Is there a way to point out that both sides may or can be right when science and religious freedoms intersect, or does it have to be a mutual exclusion zone?
8. It will be dismissed as fake, so why do it, after all you can’t believe everything you see on the Internet anyway.

If you took the time to read all the way to the end, I am pleased to have captured your interest and imagination. I will attempt to refine and continue to form my truth on each of these, with influence by you if you would choose to send an email with documentation supporting your point of view. I do require that other than documented LAW, not regulation or any other interpretation of any method that the government uses to control its citizens. My meaning, documentation not provided by The State, in any way other than documented uniformed LAW of the Land, not as interpreted by The State, don’t use government statistics as your sole source of documentation unless it brings to light, waste, fraud, and abuse of The System of Governance. In which case, The Truth is in the facts, documented by a human being who has dignity and character, and was meant to be found or else it would have been hidden and marked Classified or redacted, same-same.

I place before you some “Fake News”. Interpretation of facts, of what the government is planning on or is doing, coming from the people. Hurry before it is gone with the implementation of stricter Censorship via the new Truth Police, done for your security and safety of course.

Same concept as illegal immigration, Clinton Foundation, etc. no?

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