In support of spreading Truth

In support of spreading Truth to those who take the time to read, look, or listen, an invitation is extended to view the following video.


Keep in mind that the closest thing to eternal life on Earth is that of a Federal Government Bureau, or in this case agency.


It is sort of a retort for those who throw around a term ‘whacko-doodle’ during exchanges of ideas, merely because they lack the ability to think outside of the little box they have created for themselves in a life that is meant to be lived in a round way. It’s sort of like playing ‘wacko-mole’ to those who claim knowledge because they saw it on TV, so you know, it has to be real. Even if all the math and science dictates that it is wrong.


What has been determined for now is the following:

It is going to be a difficult task to make Orwell’s classic(s) ‘1984’ fiction again, while some folks are, unbeknownst to themselves living on their ‘Animal Farm’.


What is most difficult for this now retired former guard dog of American Humanity is seeing Timmy keep falling in the well. It as if yunz, keep pushing him in for entertainment, or maybe it is just the love of dogs.


Peace to All Friends,

Caution to all enemies,

No Quarter for Tyrants.