Mutually Inclusive or Exclusive?

Mutually Inclusive or Exclusive?


What are some modern day norms or circumstances that also occurred prior to major conflicts on this continent?


The ruling class use of others, commoners, in support of their visions of physical or fiscal Empire, France, Spain, Great Britain and the current governmental system of the United States’ use of warfare to “influence or protect” American non physical interests on a daily basis.


The ruling class makes promises to those who fully invest themselves to care for them after their service is concluded. If you follow me on the math here, 3% of the American Colonial population created and successfully sustained the Revolutionary War against a Tyrannical Government thousands of miles away. Some of who honorably served the Crown during the French and Indian or Seven Years War, were leaders in the Revolutionary War against the very same Crown.


There were times in during the Revolutionary War that Congress failed to pay the Soldiers they employed to do their dirty work, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. I believe Washington even made a speech in which he appealed to the potential mutineers while displaying his own infirmities he has, which have become daily obstacles in his efforts to honorably and efficiently lead them. Facing the truth and fully acknowledging it is better than ignoring it, should be the moral of this story. As we can tell in our mutually history of this country his example is seldom if ever followed.


The VA as we know it was not even envisioned until during the Civil War.  Advances in medicine increases survivability and therefore the burden on the candy asses who chose to let others do your dirty work for you.  So you can buy your $2.00 a gallon gas while continuing to send your neighbors kids to undeclared war after undeclared war, and enslaving your own offspring to a debt incurred while continuing to attempt to achieve an utopian ideal that can exist only under extreme controls.  One of the most obvious required controls is population control.  Which is why this ideal always leads to death, starvation, maltreatment, and general undesirable Human conditions.  Sorry for opting out of that one.  It comes down to common math, a negative multiplied with a positive is always a negative.  No matter how enticing the short stick is always yours in the end, better learn how to use it when making a deal with the “House” that always wins, they just outlast you, just like a casino.


Until the 3% grew to a substantially higher number, aka a voting block, after WWII did the GI Bill become a viable tool for the pursuit of the American Dream, of home ownership and potential prosperity.


The carrot to go with the stick so to say, or a belief that your sacrifice of your personal Liberties will be properly and adequately acknowledged, respected, rewarded, and fully compensated by the rest of the population, for whom those who served, actually served in ways that are incomprehensible to John Q. Public. Especially since John Q. has never made a commitment that is realistically deeper than any conceivable commitment ever made to family, neighbors, and stranger alike.

It comes down to this, those who did not serve ultimately put a price on the value of sacrifice of personal Liberties in the service of preserving the personal Liberties of others. Turns my stomach the more I think about it, shame on me.

Censorship of photos of the Fallens’ coffins ring a bell?

If you are going to be a Warrior you must understand what War realistically is, it is Man slaughtering Man in an effort to conquer the other to the point of extermination if necessary or until one side surrenders or supplicates itself before the victors. I could fluff that but currently do not have an interest in doing so. When cross training occurs and lenses are changed however the application remains the same it opens ones eyes to the manipulation of the masses, in efforts to nation build through governmental expanse into areas of in which it has no reason for being, except to collect its due for managing the process through the extortion process that is excessive taxation, thereby enslaving the individual to funding the very government that exerts its efforts to influence and develop what is defined as a “Good Citizen”, but what realistically is a compliant slave that has supplicated itself to the victor, which in this case is its government master, Tyranny.


So through my eyes I have witnessed from a distance the perceived advancement of Liberty for the minority by confiscating the Personal Liberties of the masses. Instead of recognizing that the seizing of Personal Liberties of Others realistically eliminated their personal Liberties as well.


Government involvement in the establishment of law, regulation, code, etc, etc, eliminates the very Liberties that a demanding minority solicits and claims requires immediate governmental attention and action. Cry wolf, until there is no reason to respond, since you are no longer valued at a level that is beneficial to the creation of value in others. Who is the judge of the value, as value is perceived, unicorns and rainbows, are nothing more than an interpretation of emotion mixed with ideas for a fictitious future or hopefully a pleasant memory from the past. I imagine the difference to be similar to the differences in processes such as; crocheting and knitting, farming and gardening, Policing and Law Enforcing, animal lovers and PETA, taxpayer and tax collector, government officials and elected representation, bank depositor and bank withdrawer, NATO and the United States, Army and Navy, United Nations and your Town, each of these and your very LIBERTIES.


So hopefully a pattern has been displayed to you, what I was attempting to represent was how each advance of government is a retreat of or from your LIBERTIES provided to you by your Creator, not the government that confiscates it through the spread of fear and propaganda. Fear like this……….–abc-news-topstories.html


Interesting note of the FELONY CHARGE ABOVE. Equal Justice Under the Law must be demanded, show us your dirty laundry if you chose to be revenue generators and not “Policers” of what proper behavior is expected in a polite society. How can the rulers claim that federal regulations require enforcement of laws everywhere, but the state only claims exemption to the enforcement when it choses to enforce it upon itself, which is generally speaking when there is no money or power (therefore value) for it to gain from any enforcement efforts? That leads to if you are not going to enforce it upon itself, why must we subject ourselves to the rule of law that is not equally and blindly administered? It turns my stomach that the Pledge of Allegiance recited prior to the last political meeting in my local representative government agency. Do words not mean anything, recite it with follow through and you got it.


Could you imagine if organizations that stand in opposition to each other on certain issues, but must stand first for the principle that we are all human beings, and realize that the enemy of my enemy is my friend, the better off we will all be.


In this age of mass communication I would like to thank those of you in the United States for reading my thoughts, interpretations, assessments, and opinions. Especially you Uncle Sam. I would also like to thank the visitors from around the world as well, it is exciting to know, even if it is just for massive intelligence collection that my investment into getting noticed and recorded, are being spent on, employing some poor government smuck has had to create a algorithms to make sure I am well we all are, Good Compliant Citizens, in the use of my Personal Liberties. I am not special the NSA is collecting all this data. One day I might get something published other than a mug shot, you see this has plenty of up side to it.


Either way, I am flattered. The perception of Freedom of Speech with the ever present and constantly looming intervention of Federal overreach into expressions of thought through written text on something of record for my posterity. Something that maybe my Grandkids can read when they get older if they ever ask about me and the principles that I value or what I did or was like.


It is also an opportunity for me to help a person who will never drive understand that is a blessing and not a curse. Your life will not be dictated about staying within the required social confines of Liberty, keeping it between the lines so to speak, but with time for exploration and learning about what lies outside of them, not an Outlaw but an adventurer, don’t hurt anyone or take or break their stuff and you will be fine. It’s the other ones you have to worry about.


What is going to happen when the densely over populated areas finally understand that supply and demand applies directly to their very existence? They demand the sustenance required sustaining life and others supply it. Wow, I now see how farm subsidies are born. It is my personal belief that the remains on the south side of a northbound domesticated animal should be collected and shipped to one of my two Senators. Hint, Jeff Flake actually voted for a bill to balance the budget in FIVE years (he sees which side his bread is buttered on as he is in reelection mode already). So he gets a pass, but not the puppet beholden to no one and everyone. Its ok if you can’t remember anymore, its nearly 2018 not 1984, which oddly enough has conceptually lead to 1861 by way of 1783, 1776, and 1758ish has it not? The reasons as defined in books may very, but the overreach of a government into and on the governed is a root cause, but it could never happen here.  Again, again, and again, could it?


Government’s determination and grit openly displayed while attempting to continue to successfully encroach into our daily lives, can best be defined as;  “My Three Sons are the Three Stooges” meets “The Andy Griffith Big Bang Show” when with proper representation its very existence should compare more towards a  “Frosty the Snowman played by an above ambient tempurature Sam Kinison”.


Reminds me of a song.





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