Rant of the Day 20AUG17 In Plain Sight, sort of, not really, but anyway…..

Rant of the Day




In Plain Sight, sort of, not really, but anyway…..


So my Momma is recovering well from her knee replacement, tip of the hat to her and my Dad their anniversary is in a few days. He has been gone awhile now. I followed his advice and made the military a career, he was right easiest job I ever had, didn’t have to worry about what to wear to work and their were no women to provide any distraction, a hardship on both ends of the coin if you ask me. I was always a late riser, so being on a submarine cut down on travel time from rising to arriving in the work center. Sort of like now, decarlosdanger world wide head quarters is right down the street, er hallway from the rack. History repeats, or once we surrender our bodies in order to do harm to others, which requires practicing doing harm to others on a scale of grandiose proportions, well then you maybe you see it. If you are keen to making observations or accomplishing procedural tasks for your livelyhood, documenting them, they tend to be recalled as patterns or trends so that the next time it occurs proactive choices have been made to enhance the preparations necessary for future survival.





Back to this plain sight stuff for anyone doing any VISTA 2030 research




Reading between the lines on official video recorded conversations amongst our shepherds of the community, those Public one’s they have, all the while guiding us to the big governmental shower in the sky, those who wrap the albatross around our neck and kiss us on the cheeks and say you are welcome. Hope that provides enough illustrations as I refuse to use that Midwestern pyramiding port a pot at the corn festival one quite yet.




Would it surprise anyone that the plan for prosperity seems to run counter to the Vista 2030 plan? If it was not referenced numerous times during video recorded meetings I would not have thought much of it. But, thank you to the person referencing it, friction creates conflict which requires government. In my humble opinion one book is being used against the other to create the need for more government. Each paid for by the taxpayers of the city even though one is labeled with a brand other than the new pedo- triangle. The CITY Government created the crisis and is managing it. Turns my stomach.




Goal #1 Increase citizen participation in the governmental decision process




Plan for Prosperity


Goal #1


Assume the Leadership Role in developing, OVERSEEING, and implementating a collaborative strategy to coordinate economic development efforts w/in the Community.





A whopping 4,900 active duty folks stationed on FT. Does anyone else find it funny that, that number of votes required in order to be elected to office in Sierra Vista?






Folks documenting the operational vision of the CITY OF SIERRA VISTA




This one above seems to be the one that is winning in my opinion of this four legged race so far.   Lobbyist and Bicyclist winning in a military town? Must be Army, that wouldn’t happen in at home. Well it did you see when I was young. It took away homes and points of view that will never be seen again.


Seems as though all we do is keep burying stuff in this cesspool called life, we hire folks to do it for the Public and Common Good, and they sell us shovels to Volunteer to help since it is best for the Community. Usually this is what occurs though, after awhile you look around and you realize the one you hired to do the job isn’t there anymore and you are doing the work all by yourself, not even complaining about it, since has become the new norm. Then they realize they are send you a bill for the very of privilege of doing so.


It had to be done for the establishment of Peace and Tranquility. The Public or Government and the Common Good or Control, for when you are measured in tenths, and everything else in the world is odd how can it ever add up? It can’t and it won’t and that was what government was supposed to do in the beginning was Safety and Security accomplished by taking the excess and distributing it to the poor so that no one went hungry.


This is important to understand and accept since when people start killing to survive there is usually a reason or pattern. Historically I would imagine hunger would be there near or at the top, it is about survival of the fittest a biology project gone askew and out of control. Millions of surviving Nazi Prison Camp Jews would most likely agree with that statement. But, I could see “Star Trek” and “Star Wars” folks dream of sending the Government to space and that way we would indeed #1 to ‘Use the Force’ of light to enjoy life being at the top of the food chain all the while sending the man out of town to kill each other for once.  Now wonder it was so popular, why must it be or remain fiction?


However when self-interested parties get involved in elections it morphs into Politic, which me is understood as, taking the waste from those two processes, remember keeping everyone safe and secure, and smearing it evenly across, using a grid to ensure no one got over on their neighbor. Since it will be only a matter of time when the waste will accumulate at the bottom of the hill and eventually fills it in.


The problem is that most folks can’t see that on occasion their eyes will be tricked, deceived beyond imagination, while seeing beauty, aesthetics and appeal, but not recognize the danger from below that exists from burying the waste of the past.


I guess that perspective is meant for Government, the dead, Underground Miners, and Submariners. I have been told to stay on topic. I hope that I am improving.




There endith the rant.

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