Donald Trump, a Mexican, and Pink Floyd Walk into a Wall

Donald Trump, a Mexican, and Pink Floyd walk into a Wall

For some odd reason insomnia has snuck back into my life today, not to fear, straight from Netflix The Wall DVD, just in time for inauguration day. Occupying some shanty just north of the International border that has recently had gasoline riots, sits me. Stuck somewhere in between ever believing wall will be built in a Big League and Huge fashion. More on that later.


There is a responsibility of government to protect its citizens’ Liberties and Property, part of doing so may require securing the international borders. It is the job of the immigrants to emigrate legally. It is the job of the government to vet the refugee, it is the job of the refugee to survive, it is the job of the human to help make it so. I see nothing wrong with that equation, no emotion required, merely logic.


The issue of the Wall is an argument that I have heard since I began visiting the Southeastern Arizona area in the very early 1990’s through the present time. Acknowledging these circumstances I purchased a home in Sierra Vista in 2002. Not being overly politically active during my active duty service time, I chose to digest the news in an effort to understand the likelihood of my services prior to my next scheduled trip to sea for training or deployment. Always having an interest in politics but primarily at the national level since that is what is propagated to us nightly via the cable news networks. Then I began to realize that the media at times uses a single government source (discipline etc) to promote an assessment as a narrative. Distributed to the masses to accept as fact, Reagan again is right decades later. Trust but verify. The Russian thing with John McCain just will not seem to die. Maybe someone needs to pass him another cue card or update his Obama speech helper thingies.


On to this Wall, do I think that Donald Trump can build this wall. Yes, I do. Will Donald Trump as a businessman understand that the juice may not be worth the squeeze as in not be a cost effective use of Public funds?  The border is an issue each and every election cycle has been since the early 90’s and should have been long before. However, the border is used by the Party, in this case the Republicans to maintain a stranglehold on a voting block that would be more properly represented in a Libertarian style Republican model. Think firebrand like Trey Gowdy, that cat from Utah Jason Chaffitz, all with a Senator Rand Paul style outlook on the World of Politic. We Love Our God, We Love Our Family, and We Love Our Country. We aim to protect our Liberties more than submit to further destruction of them.


So Trump is getting this World Class, Green Monster Big League wall ready to be built. You folks do realize that the power of the purse always rests with the House of Representatives. So that is all BULLSHIT. It will get planned, it will initiate execution, then something more pressing will arise and it will be placed on the back burner. Just like a bunch of these very same issues did in 2001.


Here is where the Pink Floyd reference about being another brick in the wall comes into play. Some of these songs are like prophecies any more. What does a wall represent? A physical barrier, where have we seen these in history before? This just does not add up. This is a BIG LEAGUE POINT HERE FOLKS.


However, the desire for the wall, is also valid as well. Here is what it comes down to, the brass tax so to say. History, tradition, and the need to accumulate wealth and remain in power are areas to explore here. Historically, the Southwest border has been a political after thought, since there has been no money in 7/8 of it. Is it no people no money or no money no people? Either way it ends up with an open border that promotes illegal immigration and the enslavement aspect that it entails and contraband in the form of drugs, copyright infringement, etc. All coming into the country because in a Free and Open Market, value moves to where it has most value, it must or it will never increase its value, the only thing that has been proven over and over again is the simple concept of supply and demand in a Free market. Traditionally the South has been treated unfairly because of the defeat during the Civil War, picture a large US Army and military presence in the South do ya, established because the land was cheap or to display power in front of dissenters?   How about in Ukraine? How about in the Middle East, Baltics, Europe, Asia, the list goes on. Can you see the parallels? The lack of value, as in we have to spend X to protect Y for a population relative to the rest of the country is .000000001. All for the name of saving our children from the evils that exist in the world. Thought that was done at home, you know that God, Family, Country reference a few paragraphs ago?



Governments are established to be responsible with protecting the Liberties and Property of the governed. As in someone hurts you or your stuff take it to a government judge and accuse the person placing before the court the evidence of the crime against you.


Historically that is how Liberty works does it not? Without crime there is no need for government after all, which makes the growth of government seen as an acceptable burden upon the governed. But what happens when citizens are ruled by instilling fear, through displays of force, proxy wars on citizens, which makes it possible to even begin trusting the government more than our fellow citizens? Understandably so since, historically there has always been evil in the world, MSM blasting it 24/7 on cable news with known links to propaganda, misleading the public, false polling and data collection, and a general lack of respect of the Freedoms granted to the Press, makes it appear as if there is evil everywhere. Yesterday, I was hobbling on the side walk headed to my neighbors, in an attempt to get some exercise, when a young girl probably 10-12 was walking toward me and left the side walk got in the road as an immediate reaction to me. I told her to get her ass back on the sidewalk and I would hobble on the damn road.


I am at a cross roads in human history. If you build it they will come. That’s what they say. Who the hell are they? Where they coming from and what they building? Please don’t turn my county into East Berlin. This is kind of one of those issues where you finally understand and appreciate why nothing has ever been done.



Have you seen some of this humor made in either approval or dissent on youtube? Pick your poison most are very entertaining.


I would also search on youtube for what Russians think of Americans, Arizona History, American History, Liberty, The US Constitution, and broaden your view of this imperfect but marvelous world we live in.


Listen to podcasts, watch podcaster videos in areas of interests to you. Learn from others through the exchange of ideas.


Better yet, use your normal means of news collection and then pick out a subject from it and actually research it. Read and listen to opposing views somewhere in between there in lies the Truth. Don’t dwell on the symptoms, research and identify the cause of each of those symptoms, identify a common intersection so to say, that is where the correction must and can take place.


2 thoughts on “Donald Trump, a Mexican, and Pink Floyd Walk into a Wall”

  1. Building this wall for illegal immigration is nonsense. It is more likely, that it will be built to keep us in. Oddly enough, as I started to write this 3rd sentence; President Trump sent out a tweet about the wall and the CIA. The influx of illegal immigration is the product of not enforcing pre-existing laws. The illusion that Mexico is some sort of cesspool is complete garbage. This illusion is designed so snowflakes and politicians can gain more votes and corporations can have cheaper labor. Any immigrant worth his or her own salt will immigrate legally; as my grandparents did. So in the case where President Trump calls illegal immigrants criminals, I highly agree. Why would we want more people who lie and deceive in our country than we already have? Not mention a large number of illegal immigrants come from south of Mexico. The truth is, you don’t fix illegal immigration by building a wall; you have to build bridges with those countries and enforce the laws we already have.
    This issue can mostly be blamed on greed and I will leave it at that.

    1. Bow,
      Thank you for sharing your vision and opinion. I agree with you on the wall keeping us in. Reminds me so much of the old Soviet Union and East Berlin, I could go on for days or weeks, but I will leave it at that. Two things I have learned repeatedly looking at various levels of government is to follow the money, the other is that the cover up is always so much worse than the crime. Thank you again for reading and exchanging ideas, I do appreciate it.

      Thanks for reading and I wish you prosperity and increased social values in all of your endeavors.

      Michael DeCarlo

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