What Are You Made Of?

What Are You Made Of?

Today, Monday the 10thday of June 2019 in the Year of Our Lord, marks the one week mark since I attended the Cochise County Republican monthly meeting.  I waited patiently as the meeting progressed, I was the ‘O’ or other of the Call to the Public, which was last, being a fan of vowels it seemed fitting. To be honest I enjoyed both the to the point monologue of its leadership and candidates for office, as well as the dialog between the members exchanging ideas.  Hint, the boogey man at the border is coming, the boogey man at the border is coming.  More on that later.  

The highlight to most was when the State Party Chairman, DR Kelli Ward addressed, well said howdy by live streaming to the group for a moment that lasted a few minutes at most.  Which was more than enough time for a few to demonstrate their devotion and obedience to the Dear Leader.  More on that later as well, the box on the wall is strong with the FOXNEWS crowd gathered at the Fry Blvd office in Sierra Vista, AZ.

The reason for the visit to the political organization known for its supposed Conservative tilt was to inquire within the group about the amount of uncontrolled government growth, oddly enough under their own feet.  I found out that most were apathetic to the lack of CITY CHARTER for the CITY OF SIERRA VISTA.  I found that odd, but as previously scribed, the grasp of the box on the wall is strong. It’s like a Vulcan mind meld without the full knowledge of mind being melded.    

This is not meant to be a broad general statement, as the meeting was so well attended that it was standing room only filled with well meaning folks who care about their country and its future.  I was approached by five folks of the packed house after the meeting.  One asked for a card (hint we need cards and am open to donations and design ideas) of them oddly enough was a candidate, another a lady who is about my age plus or minus (more plus than minus) 10 years or so, another was an older gentleman who grasp the concept but feared it would end up with corruption (blind to the current system in place), the final and most interesting person was a former Naval Officer, we talked at length about a myriad of topics after the meeting in the parking lot.  My wife actually called to make sure I was ok, she probably thought I would be at the VFW or Legion decompressing, normally a good bet, but the last round of gout that lasted nearly three months on and off converted me to a tea-totaler. After a consultation with her upon my return she thought something negative might have happened to me, since I tend to speak my mind without regard for the audience, she points out my numerous accurate dissertations to the SIERRA VISTA CITY COUNCIL for the last two years.  Moral of that story is this, God will put you on your knees when you stray too far from the path, one way or another.  Follow up to that statement government is not God.  After all, It cannot make the sun rise or set, though, manipulating or establishing weather patterns is up for debate.

Back on point, why does the CITY of SIERRA VISTA need to be a CHARTER CITY in my opinion?  My logic is as follows:

A CITY CHARTER is a Constitution, this requires one to understand the meaning of the word constitution as defined by Random House Webster’s College Dictionary.  

The first definition of the noun is as follows: the way in which a thing is composed or made up; makeup; composition.

         So it can be deduced with logic that a Charter or Constitution defines the make up of something, in this case a city government.  Why does the author consider this so important?  Well if you can’t define a government you have no way of confining the government.  If a government cannot be confined it appears that it is nowhere, but when it cannot be confined it is oddly enough everywhere.  Further analysis of CITY functions being performed as of this publishing enumerates them in excess of State functions (default for non charter cities and towns within the borders of the State of Arizona) which is seven.  I have them written down somewhere, I actually address the City Council on those seven things prior to them being held captive by those who are good folks stuck in a bad system for the budget and vision sessions held in private.  I think we should require those meetings to be broadcast on youtube in the future, especially since the last two years worth of budget briefs provided by Our Civil Servants were planned for three days but used one and a half and one respectively.

Why a Charter?  To defined government.

What is an undefined government?  It is an un-confinable government which ends up everywhere.

What is government everywhere?  Government everywhere is usually defined as Communism at worst, Socialism at best.

Being as which this government in the Land of Free is socialistic in nature, it would appear that this one here in Sierra Vista, Arizona is more communistic than socialistic.  It’s a hard pill to swallow and kind of has a turd taste to it, however, based upon my research it is pretty accurate.  How can this be in the Land of Free?  Well this town is located right outside the gates of Fort Huachuca, the Army’s Military Intelligence Center Of Excellence, which is another rabbit hole for another blog entry all together.  Having a YUGE transplant population of senior citizens and Veterans, who just want to live the rest of their lives in peace, no one pays attention to local politics, though all politics are local.  Hence the attendance at the meeting.

A CITY CHARTER would provide the funders of the folly of local government the opportunity to define and confine what local government is, and should be, to a community standard.  Leaving it the way it is, which by any estimation (especially the $84 million proposed budget) nothing more than an extended AOR (Area Of Responsibility) for Big Brother down the street.  

Keep in mind that a Big Brother extended AOR means that the town is and has been run like an Army Moral Welfare and Recreation (MWR) program.  Programs that build to fulfill a required need to keep the Service Members entertained during their time in Service.  For a period of time until it can be rebuilt.  Which is oddly enough estimated by Wisdom accumulated through experiences in this life to be about, wait for it, maybe about 33 years or so?

For those that read this locally on the border, I implore you to research the $14M increase in this years budget.  We are being placed in financial bondage through legal manipulation of words and accounting data.  Remember that City Financial Bondage requires voter approval, well except if the franchise fees associated with servicing Private Properties were moved to the sales tax column four or five years ago to maintain the appearance of a sustainable local economy.  You can’t make this stuff up folks.  

I encourage you to contact the/a/your/any Mayor and/or Councilmember to voice your concern, that being if you are not too apathetic.   

Article XIII of the Arizona Constitution provides direction, so far the author is 25 for 25 in limited polling in support of a City Charter.    

To be continued, on various subjects………………..