Where the Lie Begins

Where the Lie Begins

         Living here in Sierra Vista, Arizona it has become painfully evident that the lie is big, and parts if not all of it can be placed near the feet of a BIG BROTHER neighbor down the street from the decarlosdanger.com World Wide Head Quarters.  One must remember that the first thing that dies in war is the Truth.  With whom is our Nation at war with?  Legally no one since the US Congress has not declared war since WWII.  Morally and ethically, the correct answer would be everyone, since we have a War on Poverty and a War on Drugs to name a few off the top of my head.  Having pointed these facts out in prior posts I will not rehash these old arguments, but move on to how the American Taxpayer is being fleeced by lies promulgated from the very government that it has been forced to trust.

Fact 1, The first casualty in warfare is the TRUTH.  This point is unarguable, but I look forward to your comments on that steadfast column that has been immobile in history.

Fact 2, War on Poverty is indeed a war on We The People.  In order to win any war, the best tactic is to divide in order to conquer.  Here we have a division of financial means being exploited to benefit The State (government at all levels to this author is known as The State).  What benefit does it provide?  Let us examine a few.

What is the Want?  We want folks to be able to live above the poverty line as defined by The State.  

What is the need?  The need is a fiat currency that it turns out is run for The State by a private CORPORATION know as the Federal Reserve.

How is this accomplished?  Providing non-earned income to those who are down on their luck as a hand up, not a hand out.  But, here is the problem as managed.  Each time the taxes collected pass through various hands a % (10-20) is taken by the managers as a management fee for the service.  When one looks at the various groups managing this concern, each institution run by The State has it’s hand out not merely to build the buildings, but to pay the Public Servants administering or overseeing the equal distribution of taxes surrendered to The State.  What is the lie?  Honestly, what I have deduced that the Freedom of the Press protected by the First Amendment is the claim being used by the Private interests that run the press that prints the US Dollar.  If you can grasp that concept, the next part of the lie is that proportionally the impoverished are a second, third, and forth ordered effect of policies on not paying taxes.  But, we don’t have debter’s prisons in the Land of the Free most will say, this will be addressed in the next lie.

Fact 3, The War on Drugs is a war on We The People.  What is the War on Drugs?  Is it a war on licensed medical or pharmacists?  Well it is starting to effect those that knowingly or unknowingly scribed on a pad here in Cochise County.  A fella up in Benson has been charged with over prescribing pain medicines, we will have to see how that pans out.

The War on Drugs is a war on those independent pharmacists who without license distributed the same or near same pharmaceutical chemicals that a licensed pharmacist does but has not paid The State for the permission to use their own entrepreneurial talents to turn a dollar for running their also unlicensed businesses.  

How does The State handle such tax evaders?  Well for over a generation now we have placed them in cages. Thanks to policies introduced in the seventies as a way of dividing the hippy movement from the population and labeling them as less than human, thanks Tricky Dick.

Once the bread earner of the family is removed, The State can come in and prove its value by providing financial assistance.  If you can wrap your mind around that concept, The State is in this aspect self serving and self perpetuating itself by displaying a need for it.  Hand outs and hand ups were made to care for those who were injured or died while working. This was accomplished through the use of taxes collected (or surrendered) and redistributed to those families in need.  

My Mothers family would be an example of this type of need for welfare. Her Father, a coal miner died when she was seven, she was the middle child of three, without income they would have likely starved if not for the assistance of the community at large.  So there is a demonstrated need for such a program, I think the debate is just whom plays the tune to the dance is all.

In summary, I hope through my scribes I was able to convey the “Rest of the story” as Paul Harvey used to say.  Without government the world would be an evil place, with government the world is still an evil place.  When The State is a CORPORATE entity with plausible deniability there is and will never be any accountability for its actions.  The lie is that we need more government since we can’t do it ourselves, we need roads that were originally built by the government to deliver the mail, they were called Post Roads and still are in some New England towns.  The routes taken were Federal Routes, the Post Office is broke and has been for more than a generation.  The lie is that without the post office were wouldn’t be able to communicate, time has passed it by hasn’t it?  

The BIG LIE is as follows:  Professionals are professionals at ensuring there will be work and income tomorrow.  Government will never solve a problem, merely manage concerns, since there is no money, no job, and no security in solving societal problems.  More laws and rules will create more broken homes that will require more government and more Public Servants employed by The State to oversee it all.

The TRUTH of the MATTER.  We are all slaves here in the Land of Free.  Financial slaves with numbers assigned just like in Germany, our privilege is that we don’t have to wear them on our arms as tattoos, we carry them in our wallets.

PS. The Border War is also a lie. There is a problem, but solving it would be bad for business. Sad part it is that it is a problem for BIG GOVERNMENT business more than the Mom and Pop’s businesses that are being eaten up by the Wal-Marts of the world.