While you were watching the No Fun League

While you were watching the No Fun League


Citizens of Sierra Vista, AZ in the County of Cochise open thine eyes and see the real play you are a part of, not the one on TV.  At the first City Council Meeting of the month of November in a unanimous vote of our elected members, the CITY has in an odd way created a Police Authority that exceeds the authority of Law within the County.  As can be seen in the link below that duly elected Sheriff is the interpreter and enforcer of Justice in a set jurisdiction.



‪What is SHERIFF? definition of SHERIFF(Black’s Law Dictionary)



‪Definition of SHERIFF: In American law. The chief executive and administrative officer of a county, being chosen by popular election SHERIFF.

Here is the rub, when a DEA grant was rubber stamped by the council it authorized the officer to reside in a domicile outside of the 15 miles required by the CITY POLICY and PROCEDURE MANUAL, as updated and briefed on the 16thof November after the Special Council Meeting to Officially Canvas the Election prior to the County, which is the responsible party for fair election practices Canvasing the entire County elections. Below is the video clip of the residency requirements.




Since the local media, which has been labeled as the ‘Press’ merely it seems for its ability to print on paper, has ignored and failed to analyze this situation, due to the inability it seems to think critically, let us parse this out here.  Let it be known that this is not a disparagement of the local PD, as it is the opinion of this author that culling the ‘Bad Apples’ from the bushel is a process that the department as a whole is becoming more proficient in.  Below is the video clip from the DEA Federally Funded Grant of Financial Privilege, as well as a link to the Grant itself.


Listen closely as the Chief lays out the plan:







You will notice in the above link that there is NO MEANTION of the NO FUNDING OF THE RETIREMENT SYSTEM (which is a $¾ Million Dollar burden annually to a CITY of 40k-ish)


However, if you dig deeper you will see in this link that there is NO FUNDING FOR RETIREMENT:




  1. During the period of assignment to the DEA HIDTA Task Force, the SVPD will remain responsible for establishing the salaries and benefits, including overtime, of the SVPD Officer assigned to the Task Force and for making all payments due them. HIDTA will, subject to availability of funds, reimburse the SVPD for overtime payments made by it to the one SVPD Officer assigned to the DEA HIDTA Task Force for overtime, up to a sum equivalent to 25 percent of the salary of a GS-12, Step 1 law enforcement officer general schedule locality pay tables, rest of the United States table (currently $18,343.75), per

Note: Task Force Officers overtime “Shall not include any costs for benefits, such as retirement, FICA, and other expenses.”


You will also find that a Councilmember points out that there is no PUBLIC OUTCRY for a need for this Grant.  Perhaps she is pointing out the looming COBRA EFFECT that will be presented as the ‘See what we found’.  Prior to that I was “Out of Order” in informing the Council after my time had expired that “We have Soldiers guarding opium crops in Afghanistan.”


Cobra Effect Link Below:






In conclusion to this post, permit me to summarize my point.  One, the duly elected Sheriff is the determiner of Justice in each County in each State of the Union.  Two, this grant, by permitting the Officer of the CITY to reside outside the 15 mile radius required to be employed by CITY employees creates the collection of decision point information known as intelligence collection outside of the jurisdiction of the duly elected Sheriff, as 50 NM (air miles) authorizes the Officer to work in Santa Cruz County by default.  Three, the taxpayers and citizens of Sierra Vista are now subsidizing the Federal Government with time worked and pensions for our own employee. Four, the PRESS IS DEAD and is used for nothing but the proliferation of PROPAGANDA in SIERRA VISTA and COCHISE COUNTY in ARIZONA.   Which means that WE THE PEOPLE have not only lost control of our own destinies in the Land of Liberty, but it is indeed filled with liars and thieves.  Or could it really be “Good People” stuck in a “Bad System” like we are led to believe?


Personally I Truly and Honestly hope it is the latter and not the former, since it would have made my Life’s work of protecting this NATION from COMMUNISM and SOCIALISM a failure.  Since through my eyes, this CITY, COUNTY, STATE, and NATION has become the former SOVIET UNION (USSR), DEMOCRATIC PEOPLES REPUBLIC of KOREA (DPRK), and CUBA that I served to protect you all from.  Do some research into the 100 NM Constitution Free Zone that most of us reside in, and understand that violations to the Right to be left alone silences the 1stAmendment to Free Speech by default.  Which if you talk out of line or write things determined to be subversive to the Government or any of its ever growing tentacles, can earn you the label of being a ‘Terrorist’ in the Land of Free because of the Brave.


In other local news there are conflicting reports of immigrants in Agua Prieta, MX that borders DOUGLAS, AZ in COCHISE COUNTY. Local residents call foul on the Grandstanding MEDIA REPORTS on the TV, imagine that.  Only time will tell, but, either way we can agree on one thing, folks are being distracted from the real politics in their local areas, once again by the box on the wall.


It doesn’t add up.


Happy Thanksgiving.