Rant of the Day…. 04JUL18 Happy Treason Day

I say this, shame on you.  It is freedom of speech through voluntary means, plus if you do your homework about the very reason the Slaves were forced into conscription on the High Sea’s as Order Followers it starts to add up.  Do the math folks. When you realize the level of your enslavement percentage wise through the deductions of your Acquired Property or Monetary Value, for existing where you choose to live with the vote(s) of the feet(s).

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Rant of the Day….. 13JUN18 Time for Budgeting


Sierra Vista and Douglas Metroplex (insert sarcasm here) ranked 33rd, in statically analysis of shrinking city populations, which if reflected upon can be enlightening more than odd.  But, I will leave that up to your interpretation.  But, it is right in front of your eyes.

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