Good night John Boy

Is anyone else tired of John McCain and his Russia did this, and Russia did that dance? I know that I for one am exhausted from it. Its like a John Wayne movie, but this time Senator McCain thinks he is the Duke, however, he is wearing a hat that is black in color. Seems odd that such an honorable man, can be leading us back into something that created the acronym MAD, or Mutually Assured Destruction, which demonstrates who, as in NO ONE, wins a nuclear war.


There must be some underlying reason that the Honorable senior Senator from the Great State of Arizona, may be continuing to drive the narrative on Russia and their new found growing influence in world politics.


Is it that Russia will bring us to the brink of nuclear war again? Most likely not, it is no longer a Communist State, democratic elections have been taking place in that nation for around two decades. Where was our Nation about two decades in? At war with England again, the War of 1812, the reasons the war was fought was primarily due to its festering nature of pure resentment of ideals in our nation and in London. Americans fought against oppression from a British Empire that was attempting to regroup and reestablish itself on the world stage. So Americans fought against the perceived tyranny of being ruled over by others, in this case the King of England.


Or, could it be that by identifying a “natural” enemy and unifying the population against the threat of others ruling over us, in that case the government may be watered with your tax dollars to grow its defenses, drive innovation, “create” real jobs through out the various Congressional districts, and therefore minimize dissent? I mean when folks’ wallets are full, they have no time to watch or care about the world around them, as they are more concerned with how many loaves of bread they can now purchase and feed their hungry families.


Russian hackers, there is a great political ploy that says we need more cyber security, and in order to accomplish this massive task we direct you good Americans to place more constraints upon yourselves for the continued control, oops, I meant common good. Hackers attack the government every second of everyday. That is what enemies do, probe for an avenue of approach so to say. But the information obtained was from an unsecured server from a political party and presidential candidate, whom had it installed next to the family royal throne. That’s right, a weak leader (see John its not just you) through failed planning and poor decision making have created a governmental need that adversely effects each of us in our daily lives. So just since that candidate was not elected, it can be said the influence is all over us, sort of like the feces that clings like glue to the bowl of the toilet and does not go down, no matter the number of times we flush. Guess its time to bring out the gloves, bleach and start scrubbing.


Furthermore, the hacks have been documented, researched and are considered to be inside jobs, Patriots tired of being sent to be slaughtered, think FOB, not Friends Of Bill, but Furious On Benghazi type folks. The same folks who take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States plainly can see the total contempt and disregard our nations rulers have displayed both in their thought, actions and deeds the last sixteen years, not just for the Constitution, but, for the very Liberties and therefore lives of their constituents, that they are charged with protecting.

Could it be a misinformation plan or just a plain deception, or are the elite really just frustrated that the gains made last century, paid for with American blood and treasure have been squandered over the last decade and will not be regained without spilling more blood and continuing to empty the treasury? If that is indeed the case I do hope old John Boy registers his own offspring for the first boat to the next nation we bring Democratic values and principles too. After all, that’s what leaders do; they make the hard and often unpopular decisions that impact us all for better or worse.


Realistically here folks, our Nation’s leadership drew “a line in the sand”, remember that? No one cared in the international community, no one cared in our press, no one cared in the population, no one cared, and now, other that old John and his lap dog Lindsay no one continues to care. It is as if the wind has blown and removed the very granules of sand from that the line, used as a demarcation line, none shall pass (think Obama as Monty Python here) was scribed into. Its as if a twig was used to make the line in the sand, instead of a shovel. What happens when our leadership fails? Just read that Russia has brokered a delicate ceasefire in Syria, they also have drawn a line in the sand so to speak.


Much to the dismay of Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham they didn’t even use a “Hammer and Sickle” to do it.


McCain: US needs to hit Russia hard for election hacking

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    1. Mike,

      Thank you kind sir, and esteemed Shipmate. I appreciate your candor and any and all comments. Since there is one thing that I do know, I do NOT know everything, though I still have a thirst for knowledge that needs to be quenched.

      Mike DeCarlo

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