Rant of the Day…… 18SEP17 Corporal Punishment

Rant of the Day……




Corporal Punishment

The Sun Always Rises Upon LIBERTY

I sit here with full intentions of making a phone call to the honcho of sorts in the arena politic. When I was misdirected, saw a squirrel so to speak. Silly computer, key to the eyes of the world, but facebook is both a tool and a distraction. But, when it does it’s tune up it is on point with its logarithm.


I am a registered republican voter because I believe in the Republic form of government that we have inherited through the blood, sweat and tears of those among us and those who have passed keeping the torch of Liberty illuminated for ALL not some of us. It is of my opinion that the Republican form of government allows for the People to go about their lives with the amount of government control that they truly administer to themselves and amongst themselves. The Republic was founded upon the Principle of All Men being created equal. These are legal government terms, not mine. I caution all that attempt to petition for redress, remember when government grows, it never dies and must be continued to be fed, to consume without production is against the basic human survival principle of self determination.


While governments are instituted among men since we are not all Angels, to ensure the preservation of LIFE, LIBERTY, and Property acquired in this pursuit of happiness, in the very LIFE it is instituted to protect. Not all property acquired in the pursuit is EQUAL, and that is all right. Do not cry out to government to provide this property to you, use your abilities to obtain them for yourselves. For every dollar that is collected from others to provide you with this property, will provide funding for future redistribution of Value amongst all of us. In most cases this is a hand up and for the Common Good of ALL, contrary wise when one waits for redistribution of Value from others Overseen and Administered by the government and its many, many agents, you are making yourself a slave not only in name but in deed.


During the Revolutionary War when the British Citizens on the continent of America fought against the Tyrannical Throne and the British Army, the first man to perish in the pursuit of Liberty was black, a man of color, a man of Honor. His blood red like ours, his Patriotic Spirit, that of a freed slave and now whaler, illuminated Boston in the past, and I do hope his memory and Patriotic Spirit continues to bask this Nation, his Nation, in perpetuity.


This Spirit of Being American is an never ending defense of Liberty, continues my friends. We are all part of the struggle, we must remind our neighbor that if it effects one, it affects all. When all the kings men are taken to far away lands to have justice administer instead of a jury of their peers, The Declaration of Independence and its lists of grievances against Tyranny of the past, present and future.


Peace to all, and may God Bless you.


There endith the Rant….

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