Rant of the day….. 9JUL17 Red Soundings In the Yellow Submarine, surrounded by Brown Striped Shorts

Rant of the day…..




Red Soundings In the Yellow Submarine, surrounded by Brown Striped Shorts


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The Declaration of Independence is a great source document for the reasoning behind my logic. The Declaration of Independence is more than a We are not doing this anymore piece of paper. I see it as a Vision for the Mission of Life as a set of Principles to live by, since Our Creator has endowed each of us with our own inalienable rights. Liberty is Natural Law in action, Liberty is part of American Life, Life is not truly American, combining Life and Liberty that my dear reader is the wonderful start of a blending process that governments do not want it’s citizens to know. For if they did the govern (control) ment (mind) would not be very good at its job would they, and logic says that if that had occurred It would already have been replaced, again.


Principles define government by consent. For if one is to be controlled in a “Free” society, is the society really free? If one is free then he answers to himself and not to others, though he may choose to interact, ah Liberty. That does not mean that he does not assist others in achieving their goals, doing less than that is just not being neighborly. If in a Free Society one is to be controlled, the Controller must have restraint and know, that one day the table may be turned. Since to Sin is Natural, to Sin while Controlling Others for Others is a Crime against Humanity by any definition of Natural Law and LEGAL as well one would presume. But to catch a crook one must think like a crook, not be one. When one is a crook, one must be prosecuted by LAW for JUSTICE for WE the PEOPLE, to do nothing less is hypocracy beyond measure of breadth or depth.


When in Service of Others one learns some of the many process that are part of the craft of Survival, it is finding the proper amount or level of LIFE leftover to share with the rest of humanity that becomes the issue. Movie quote time since, Jackie says, “You can’t handle the Truth!!”


Imagine if you will that a dude like me spending time out in the sea instead of enjoying the beauty and wonder on and around it, could start a story in a littoral region of the world circa 1400 ish. This story is a family story that was told to me by my Grandfather James “Red” Vincent DeCarlo SR. He told me as a teen, he told me as a young man, here is the thing folks, he told me as a Sailor he was proud of me as well. The body is owned by others but the space between the ears is still mine, and the great thing about it is this, half the folks already think I am a crazy conspiracy nut job, and too be blunt, it has just begun.


Once upon a time on the coast line of lets say Italy around 1900 ish time. A dude, my Great Grandfather who I never met and to be honest cannot provide an exact name but am thinking Vito so for the time being got on a boat and sailed one of the seven seas to come to America.  In Vencenza, Italy I stood outside the home labeled with a historical marker of a man who circumanvigated the Earth with Magellan.  That photograph broke my digital camera, no joke.  Its in the energy of life whether we recognize it or not.


Why did he come to America? Young lil Red, that would be me, would ask the fountain of wisdom. The retort was the same, they were coming for our property that had been in the Family for generations. You see you have to understand the meaning of Our last name boy. Don’t you know words mean things or something to that effect, he would say with the smile that touched each ear. He would go on to describe how DeCarlo was DeCarlo’s since we were “Part” of the house of Carlo that had been located for generations in the Naples area of Italy. I was not wise enough to inquire about occupations or traditions since what he told me next was and continues to confuse me, my brain, heart, and soul. First, the church comes and wants a tithe, but now the house of Carlo was located in Italy and fell under the Control of the Church of Rome, and then an entity that demanded more and if you didn’t have it took everything. At least the church just sent motivators not mercenaries, his assessment not mine. The Lord works in mysterious was Grandpa, lil red has some tomato plants and assorted vegetables of his own. So part of the house of Carlos went to America since it was free of such tyranny, it was a gamble that paid off, briefly.


You see to Grandpa and his Father’s way of thinking it goes like this, let me grow my own food and I will learn to produce enough for myself to eat when in abundance being neighborly was not only expected but morally and ethically required. Since it was being done that way for centuries of tradition folks were fed and hardly no one went hungry. Now instead of giving of ourselves to the community at large the community at large now feels the authority to take instead of ask. If you do not provide payment in the currency required the community takes your property. When the community acts like a thief it is called government. When you call it government you don’t call it stealing you call it taxing.


So my People on my Fathers side (non bio of course since I am adopted and all) have listed a long train of abuses of government from both sides of the pond. Just a little burp as my stomach turns inside out as I reflect on how my lifes accomplishments minus the kiddos run counter to everything that I was taught as a child from this man that I respect. Why? Because I ran after the train of Progress and nearly forgot how to grow my own food while doing it since the blinders turned into blindfolds and I can’t tell you exactly when it happened, though I suspect it was on the West Side of Chicago.


You see I attended Her Majesties United States Navy Indoctrination Training (I shit you not I have read that word indoctrination in training on the govt for the last time) it was made ABUNDANTLY CLEAR as in CRYSTAL to the point where it becomes the NORM and you feel like a you are just alive but unable to live. But, you can’t live since part of just being alive or surviving is handling stress and how your body reacts to it. Stress is detrimental to the body no matter how it is sliced, diced or prepared for consumption, so we are told by those behind the curtain that know best.  Since by the time you figure out the game you are committed but in body and mind. Since in order to fully engage, one must trust, trust in a group of men and women to make the best decision for the country. When most times the vote goes the way of what is best for the corporations? Since if the corps aren’t making money the folks aren’t either and when the folks aren’t spending the many distinctly undistinguishable layers of governmental control and taxation. The government must find other areas to steal from or folks start losing their governmental jobs. You see it makes no difference which one since the theft continues and the folks can do nothing but pay for the privilege for existing under the Control of Others in the form of government, so others can administrate their fair share of tax.


Grandpa also said that everyone works for someone, no matter what you are doing when working for someone else do you really know where the money is coming from? If not, then how can you know who you are indeed providing your labor, do you? If you do not know who, then how can you know why and so on and so forth. He was stressing to analyze your answers to ensure you do not trap yourself and then lose Value that has been accrued over time. He also said it is ok to not make great deals all the time, though he did make sure that I understood the difference between charity and family dealings. Since if you treat family like charity, they will act like they deserve the charity after awhile. Making the giver outer to be the bad person since one can never give enough to a taker.


I miss my Grandpa, Father, and Uncle. Or as I have called them in my thoughts and memories in my adult life, The Three Weasels. It is an inside joke, only family will or can understand.


I hope this allows you to understand that what you say is not here yet, has existed since I was a child and has already squeezed you like a boa constrictor, now you are panicked since you for the first time feel confined and oddly, out or short of breath. Two trains of thought here. If the head has yet to eat its tail removing it is a revolution, of thought really. Since once it has begun to engulf itself with by ingesting its own tail it is too late to do anything but cut and slice your way out if its death grip on your acquired Value and property. But, who am I? What do I know?


I just did the math, the mental gym, that is all.


Press #5 for English. Thank you.


I am here all week Goodnight and I hope you enjoy where this is going. Put on your boots you just might need them depends how deep you can imagine or dare to tread into the abyss.


Had a wonderful conversation with a few folks today regarding climate change, or as I like to call it, the weather.


I swear this guy hymned and hawed forever about CO2 an a red line. I asked so what is the outcome? He declared flooding! Flooding! everywhere. Its gone up 2 inches in 25 yrs!!! Gasp, I thought yep it sure has. The cat plain missed it. Tons of taxes paid for 2 inches. Its like a bad porn movie or something.


I was able to find some life imitating art to explain my fixed and firm position on the subject. But again, I think he plain missed it.


But then again, that is his business and this is mine. God Bless us all and than you to my lovely wife and loving daughters for their never ending support and unconditional love. I Love You All.



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Enjoy ALL!! With Love and Health to ALL, deuces!!!   Peace Out!!


There endith the rant……



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