Mutually Inclusive or Exclusive?

In this age of mass communication I would like to thank those of you in the United States for reading my thoughts, interpretations, assessments, and opinions. Especially you Uncle Sam. I would also like to thank the visitors from around the world as well, it is exciting to know, even if it is just for massive intelligence collection that my investment into getting noticed and recorded, are being spent on, employing some government poor smuck has had to create a algorithms to make sure I and others are Good Compliant Citizens, in the use of my Personal Liberties. I am not special the NSA is collecting all this data. One day I might get something published other than a mug shot, you see this stuff has plenty of up side to it.

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Is the Juice worth the Squeeze?

So imagine this if you will. What is the pattern here? Institutionalized Governments require funding, funding comes from the value created through individual efforts being confiscated through legalized extortion called a tax, that accrued value is then pooled together for the Common Defense that is directed by a Commander in Chief who must dig through assessments, which are not facts and therefore lies to promote policies that will protect any hope of an increase in economic growth, sometimes lies are taken as the truth and much of the confiscated wealth is lost and more importantly blood shed and lives lost or ruined. Somewhere along the line, each and every time, something was considered more valuable than personal Liberty, and the personal Liberties of millions were spent attempting to find an answer to this equation we call life being ruled by others.

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Freedom of the Press, in a Free Market???

Journalism can be propaganda when the media uses the government as a sole source and either considers the information provided as fact. Government broadcasts are Public Service Announcements (PSA’s), and marked that way after all.

When the media is used as a megaphone by the government, it is then an arm of the state, therefore not independent. Please research the history of old Warsaw Pact and inform me as how this is not relevant or apply to the American post 9/11 society and government.

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