Rant of the Day 19JAN18 Chicken, Egg, or Feathering, Governmental Theatrics

Rant of the Day




Chicken or the Egg, Tar and Feathering and other lessons in Governmental Theatrics


This started as a Facebook reply to the Chicken Ordinance being discussed in the halls of injustice at the CITY of Sierra Vista, AZ. Then it just morphed into a rant of the proportions not seen in a while. Writers block can suck my rock, of a spirit.  It appears that though my wheels are rusty and rusting daily on the outside, the mechanism used in the creation of logic and reason continues to outpace most merely observations made of it from the various angles the author has participated in pivotal roles in the creation of the History of the US, and America and its image throughout the World. But, I digress, this was about chickens (6) domesticated fowl, 24 square feet, permission slips and redirection.


I will be honest, I read most of the facebook posts until I got to the fear mongering videos about desert predators that are part of Nature and didn’t watch them, since well, Naturally I find most State instruction on how to Live my Life to be on constraint upon my Individual Liberties.


This isn’t a argument about Chickens, this is an argument about Tyranny, but, it isn’t a George Bush moment of you are with us or against us, yet.

How has most everyone missed, ignored or considered unrelevent that this is about self-sustainment and Value Creation?

Nothing more, nothing less, this is an opportunity for folks to be able to purchase (and be taxed for the privilege) chicken feed, and create a renewable source of protein, which is something much more expensive to obtain on the market (and be taxed again for the privilege).

Think of the bright side, folks that are gardeners can get fertilizer for cheap, or will the CITY crack down on the peddlers of fowl poop as well? It really is a governmental chicken or the egg moment, too bad no one can see (C) their way out of it.

The govt needs the additions in regulation to stimulate the opportunity of addition by division, to create the need for trade, to be taxed for its fiscal survival, think of how much Amazon and shopping in Tucson hurts the $82 million dollar budget that is propped up with Federal Spending already. It, the gov, is merely looking for other methods of constricting policies that forces folks to exchange their Value on the Market.

I hope that makes sense to most, as it is not my intent to do nothing more than exchange ideas, in hopes of creating a more well informed Society, that can get past the problem, reaction, solution paradigm it seems to be stuck in.


I mean it makes sense living here at the front door of the mi Acoe[sp], with checkpoints everywhere going north aprox 24 NM from the Intl Border, that go beyond normal rights to privacy, with its ability to capture faces to plates, to addresses, to names, to numbers, as in DL and SSN, to keep you secure in your Liberty? If that isn’t plain as day a contradiction and possibly a reason to look into the 100NM Constitution Free Zone, I am not quite sure what other infringements would be required? Since once you operate on the highways out here, it is the Kings preference to know what you are doing and where you are doing it at, while operating on his highway, so to speak.


Youtube Rand Paul and the FISA reform, that is what they are talking about, they are talking about most Americans who live within 100 NM of an international border and we are begging the local government to permit self sustainable practices, though itself beats the sustainment each time it ‘requires’ growth.

No one see’s a problem with that?  Can we now see how the ‘shut down’ impacts each city that bases it’s budget on federal grants and the administrative costs associated with them yet?

When will someone realize this is a request to Live and Let Live in the Land of Liberty?


A discussion about that would be great. Or that our own CITY management team doesn’t live in the town they regulate, and therefore subjugate by economic class, without being caught in the crossfire, or participating in the codification schemes that are nothing more than excise taxes, spoken as spelled but meant as legalized extortion when read, in exchange for permission slips from Mommy and Daddy to go on the field trip of Life.


I just can’t imagine why the CITY can approve who owns the way that the septic tanks have flown for now going on 70 years or so, ever wonder why public service was once considered shoveling poo? Look at the neighborhoods with old sewer lines and those with septic tanks. Look at the wear patterns in the road, we do not have a freeze thaw cycle here that has the required moister to cause frost heave, however, we do have the heat to cause a dome compression cycle for moisture under the ground.


Is there any coincidence that I graduated from a Public High School, and I have determined that it did a tremendous job in preparing me for this life.


I mean at what point are we going to recognize that the system is broken down by what, when, where, and how the influx of governmental disbursements of taxes collected from others and redistributed for the Common Good?


In conclusion, at what point are we to stupid to know what is best for our neighborhoods, communities, CITY, COUNTY, STATE, and the Delegators of Privileges’ provided from a land, far, far, away. In a Land of Liberty, who is the victim? How has that been determined, when Prohibition was created it applied to all forms of mind-altering substances including Alcohol and Marijuana.


One makes you forget, which was the primary personal benefit obtained from its consumption by the author. The other removes the burden of pain and allows for mental reclamations of areas of acquired talents not thought to be necessarily relevant until recently. I mean it damned the rivers where the hemp was grown, and alcohol is taken from the water to be sold to make folks forget they are possibly unknowingly, unwillingly or unwittingly participating in a scheme of a claim to the source of all life for carbon beings, water from the tops of the many Publicly owned mountains, to the Publicly owned scenic waterways, fresh water streams, rivers, and lakes associated with every acre under current court argument for the local area. It is all about how much they can charge for living, here, where, and out here, based off of military base pay, water, and governmental grants or permission slips that makes It your Uncle Paulie from the get go. Extortion by design, extracting talents by constraining thought, reason, logic, and actions by Laws of men, not Nature. This discourages innovative patterns of thought, and trends to keep only those with a thirst for knowledge to get past the first deflection of inquiry and to continue to ask ourselves the question why? The Shadow knows……


This rant is sponsored by Evergreencoin.org check out what they are up to over there, some pretty interesting things. With the dip in the electronic currency market it might be a perfect opportunity to invest some of your Value, where it can earn 7% and can be staked and donated to charity, a foundation in Nature and Natures Law, a Foundation that believes that the words “We The People” actually me something. But then again, I am just one guy, what can I do against military, prison, and tourism industrial complexes that are part of the diverse culture of the Great State of Arizona? Or are we rewriting the history of fleeing Tyranny from the Publicly funded Public Education system. That is right, the government telling folks what the teachers must teach, relevant to some expectation of improved Nation Educational Pride. Its hard to be the best whence, the continent on a whole is measured, instead of the pockets of ingenious instructional methods, most likely around pockets of governmentally ‘required’ therefore overseen industries of ‘common defense’, by all methods available, which includes unwarranted searches and seizures for merely operating on the kings highway.


Anyway, yeah I just went with the flow for the rant.


There endith the rant……..



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