Rant of the Day…. 30MAY17 The True meaning of Solar Power

Thank you my friends for the recent surge in viewship on Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook activity, but from the bottom of my heart in celebration passing the 1K mark in registered users on the decarlosdanger.com and recently over 1K exposure on Facebook, 90% of all donations with a cap of $1,000.00 will be made to EverGreenCoin.org’s Crowdfunding for Water for the poor Chattel stuck in the State up North. Go Buckeyes, but here is some water. More on that later, they may get the last laugh, as the grass is not always greener.

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Rant of the Day… 28MAY17 29MAY17 Adventures in People Sitting

A Self-sustaining garden with a grow season 9 months long vs the pending 15 dollars an hour minimum wage. So meeting the criteria of producing food to offset the cost of everything else, all it takes is a lot of effort and diligent watering. Yeah, I got to plant some vegetables to attract some meat to shoot, and feed myself along the way since shit is going to get real pricy really fast. I am seeing soup kitchens that classify folks by the last digit of their SSN, just like they did with cars in the 70’s during the gas crisis, yeah I don’t think they pay the National Guard enough to do that. That will be the rub, the hope, the chance, the shift.

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Rant of the Day 26MAY17 27MAY17 Memorializing Memories of Diminishing Effluence and other Solid Waste

EverGreenCoin.org has filed for Non-Profit Status and provides opportunities for like-minded People to cooperate in creating solutions to the problems that exist in our damaged environment. Currently Valued at a .05 it is a great place to earn a return on your EGC while donating to charity. Go to EverGreenCoin.org, create a wallet, jiggle the coin tree to make sure it works, and invest some of Your Property in something that you know is good. Plenty of articles about renewable energy, gardening, water resources, EverGreenCoin.org your one stop shop for keeping your green EverGreen. Log on to EverGreenCoin.org to see why.

Thank you to for folks at Kreisels’ Kustoms for the wonderful Kustom Made Feeder/Water combo, the timing could not have been better!! All the about the sniffing dogs!!

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Rant of the day… 19 and 20MAY17 File this in the WTF file Not all Arizona Sunsets are Beautiful

Our Collective Tools are Our Council Members, and Public Employees, unfortunately unchecked Government actions (ex. SSN, Birth Reg, DL#, fluoride, lead, carcinogens, even Bike racks), have changed the equation to make We The People the Tool and that my fellow Americans cannot stand as I as a Man, know, that it, will be found to be, at best or worst considered “sustainable”.

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Rant of the Day… 16 to 18 May17 Gravity is a Bitch and other such musings

So the Mrs and I got an invite for some neighborhood group, so I joined today. I also wrote down that I blog, if any of you are here reading, I welcome you to the decarlosdanger.com blog.

If I sound like I have missed the boat, you may want to make sure that you are the one with your feet wet or perhaps the one not drowning.

Let the computer be your Library, it is uncensored and comes from your neighbor, verify your Truth or create a new one, and the choice is yours unless someone else knows better for you and you allow them to tell you what it is.

We are all capable of great things, it is my hope that my Posterity dream greater than I, since it is behind the eye where dreams become realities.

I saw a Facebook post about a State Employee that was responsible for processing of DNA and scientific evidence lied for years concealing that the State had no evidence to incarcerate. For this I am upset and will continue to not trust it.

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Rant of the Day 14MAY17 Happy Mothers’ Day!

Government Math never adds up, I have pointed this out through the years, well it has been pointed out to me through the years, as “Close enough for government work” comes to mind as a common retort amongst the grown men of influence in my life. Is it a form of denial by saying that? Since each time the government is involved it always stacks the decks up against the population in a way that extracts the most amount of acquired capital, or at least enough to sustain itself through another budget cycle.

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